New York jean alteration recommendations

  1. I have about 4 or 5 new pair of jeans that I NEED to hem, and I want to keep the original hem. Normally, I would have my dad's co-worker do it, but she doesn't know how to keep the original hem, and these jeans are designer so I don't want to risk her messing it up. I've seen few dry cleaners that offer "expert tailoring", but I don't know how well they do it. Does any one have a good tailor in mind to recommend me? And how much would it cost? TIA!

    according to new york magazine, this guy is the best tailor of 2007. a little pricey if you ask me because most tailors at those shady-looking shops can do just about the same thing for dirt cheap - especially asian places.

    theres a few places that do it for $3 per hem ($6/pair of jeans) for regular hemming. to have it originally replaced back is usually double the price so $12/pair.

    theres also a place in chinatown that does it for $4 a pair and for putting the original hem back, again double: $8/pair.

    but sometimes these people don't understand english well so you MIGHT not get your message across.

    (like this one time i asked them to use the same colored thread as the rest of the jeans for my seams and they still didn't listen. i'm still upset about that)
  3. Hey, I get them done at this place called Quick Coin laundromat. They send it out to a tailor though since the owner doesn't personally do alterations anymore. However, I haven't had a problem. I've had a few of my 7's done by them and they did a pretty good job. It's 10-15 per pair I believe since you're keeping the original hem. Just mark the exact length you want. They have 2 locations in Manhattan.
  4. i agree with the above post about the hk tailor (from ny magazine). you give him a picture and the fabric, he can make anything for you. ofcourse, his skills include hemming jeans.