New York In New York

  1. please excuse my ignorance but who is this?
  2. Its ok...Its Tiffany AKA New York from the I Love New York Show on VH1:smile:
  3. i LOOOOOOOVEEE New York!!! :biggrin:

    haha I couldnt resist
  4. :throwup:
  5. That girl is SO nasty.

    She happened to get so lucky and become so unfamously famous.

  6. she is too much...I cannot believe she has her own show...
  7. lol, I agree. :yes: Not a fan of hers whatsoever.
  8. i only saw the reunion show but i wish they had a pic of her with her fiance..hes so cute. he reminds me of Tom Ford stylewise .my dh thinks she is going to dump him asap
  9. They do have a pic I will try to find it:smile:
  10. New York Is In The Muthaf*****g House!!!!!

    She doesn't look too good in the pic, she was better on the show with the 24/7 access to stylists and make-up artists. LOL.
  11. here they go:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. He looks like he wants to throw up kissing her. Can you blame him? So fake. Everyone needs their 15 minutes.

  14. New York eooooowwww she is a mess! I can't stand her!