New York Fashion Week -- Is it impossible to get into a show?

  1. Packing up now and I am going to be in New York this week during Fashion Week... I am wondering how I can take part in or participate in or witness the fashion week festivities!

    Does anyone here have access to any of the shows? Afterparties? Is it impossible to get into a show without being a celebrity, designer or an editor? How can I too be among the fashion-fabulous?? Thanks in advance TPF-dolls :love:
  2. Afterparties might be hard to get into unless you get bottle service, know the doorman (even better than knowing the promoter), know the guestlist chic, or look super super cute and know how to talk.

    Also, if you know a model, you might be able to get into shows and afterparties : )

    Have fun in NYC... :flowers:
  3. Any more ideas out there, I will gather ideas to try next year.
  4. ok i scored invitations to the chris arie jewelry show in the tents...

    anyone got anyother tickets that are feasible???
  5. Tell about the show later. How do you get tickets?
  6. ?
  7. You can try to get in touch with the company running the show and see about getting tickets through them. There's also queueing up during the day of for some of the smaller designers' shows, but that's definitely luck of the draw there. Bear in mind that you will most likely be in the back, as there's a hierarchy in who sits in which row, and you should be prepared to stand in the back of the tent if you want to watch.