New York & Company

  1. Hey all. I was just in my local mall and heard they're getting a New York & Company store. Does anyone shop there? How do you like the clothes?
  2. it's okay. . . kinda generic IMO.
    It has some decent summer/casual selections and some affordable business attire though.
  3. How are the sizes? Like normal, smaller, bigger? :smile:
  4. It is owned by the same group that owns the limited aned express, so I think sizes runs similar. Their clothes are pretty basic but nice.
  5. I think their tops run a little large, pants true to size. I actually think their clothes are a bit inferior in quality and design to Limited and Express. But they often have deep discount sales that allow you to pick up work basics for cheap. I often go through their accessories when they go on sale - you can often get a cheapo earrings and necklaces for $5-$10.
  6. i like their trendy jewelry, they usually have a buy two get one free deal going on. i find it to be a lot cuter than the rest of their selections, although they occassionally have a cute print or something.
  7. I used to buy their clothes all of the time in high school. To me it's affordable casual/corporate attire that's some times is actually the same items found in Limited only they switched the tag. Like once they had the EXACT same pair of dark rinse denim jeans in both stores ( I studied them) only the tags were swapped. Same stitching and all. And a huge price gap in difference.
  8. Thanks for the info all. I may get some stuff from them. I'm going an intern next semester and next some corp looking stuff.

  9. Ditto to everything but the quality comparison to the Limited and Express. I can't really speak on their current quality (especially since both decided to cut off sizes at a 12 :rolleyes: ), but I have stuff from NY&Co that I bought years ago and it still looks good. It's my go to store for work and casual basics.
  10. I didn't find the quality to be good. I think Limited carries better stuff.
  11. I don't care for their clothing, seems that too many people run there for so called "business casual" clothing I don't like being a twin to numerous other women, as far as quality goes I still have a few pairs of pants I bought years ago that are holding up well.