New York & Co 40% Off Everything

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    I know someone had started a thread about NY&Co's clothing...figured I'd post so they can start stocking up on work/casual basics!
  2. For an additional 20% off try -
    Enter code: 8838 during checkout.
  3. Have you guys shopped there before? How is the quality of their clothing? I just got a jacket, pants, and a skirt for less than 50 shipped. Can't wait for it to get here!
  4. I have a ny&co pea coat. It looks really nice, but after a year it started to get little fuzzies all over it that couldn't be removed by my pill shaver...
  5. The quality of their clothes are not that great. You really pay for what you get. I have bought two dress pants and the material was really poor.

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. 5987 code for $25 off $50! Didn't see it till this morning. Called customer service and they told me I can't change my order to use the new code or cancel it. But I guess it's okay because my size is no longer available today.

    Are the dress pants/jackets lined? I am particular about details but couldn't find it in their description
  7. Thanks mandalonius!! That saves even more!!!!