New york city

  1. What are some great designer bargain stores that I should check out this weekend while I'm there?
  2. Consignment shops on Madison Ave..Michael's is my favorite. Lots of Chanel, Hermes, etc... Madsion between 79 and 80th Sts., second floor. Have fun.
  3. As always the main answer is Century 21, down in the financial district.

    Loehmann's in Chelsea is a very distant second.
  4. INA consignment on Prince and Elizabeth and SoHo has well selected consignment. More downtown than Michael's.

    Gaby's on 13th and 1st has Bergdorf's last year's shoes for 75% off.
  5. what are the prices like?
  6. You would probably hit the sale time now...certainly not super cheap but the stuff is typically in top condition and relatively recent. I bought a cashmere Chanel sweater set there for around $400.00 and it is beautiful.
  7. Definitely stop by the DSW Shoes in Union Square -- you never know what you'll find there.

    You won't find any bargains but you should also go to the new Gucci Boutique (opens on 2/8) on 5th and 57th. They'll be handing out free cups of coffee (paper) with the Gucci Loves NY logo. And you can commemorate your trip with a Gucci Loves NY Joy Bag -- only available in NY at this particular Gucci.

    Happy shopping.
  8. don't forget Saks fifth avenue! AND bergdorf!
  9. how much do the bags cost?
  10. Ahh New York.

    My favorite city.

    I actually wrote a free guide about wholesale shopping in the New York Wholesale District. It is a PDF ebook.

    You can download it here

    Please note it is wholesale oriented but you just might find something useful in it.