New York City Street Chic !!

  1. wow they all look so casual chic and so put together... like they didn't even try (but I'm sure they did)

    Love it!
  2. cute!
  3. i like pics # 1 & 16
  4. I love it!!!!:cool: I wish people would dress so cool & chic over here...
  5. Wow, everyone looks so chic! I especially love the first picture; I never would have thought of pairing all those pieces together. I love it.
  6. I felt like I was zapped back to high school in the 80's with some of those outfits.:lol:
  7. Do you guys believe the saying that if you are old enough to have worn the trend the first time you are too old to wear it now??
  8. What strikes me about these pics is how similar the style is to London. I could see any of these people on the streets of soho or hoxton! Perhaps its not true that each city has a distinct style?

    Interesting thread though - thankyou!
  9. ^^ I think it's true, though some fashion forward city w/ similar weather conditions might have similar styles. i.e NYC and LA ppl dress very differently i think (though I'm no expert)
  10. Yes the weather in those NY pics does look similar to London so maybe your point is correct!
  11. I like some pix, not all thou. Thanks for posting. :P)
  12. And Amsterdam is the exception that confirms the rule!!!! :lol:
  13. love the Chloe croc handbag in the first that an Edith?
  14. Winnie Meattie in photo #! looked adorable -- she would look fabulous in anything she wore! I look at her and think OK, let's skip dinner . . .