New York City{NYC} - visitor's guide & questions

  1. Tickets to Book of Mormon or a Proenza Schouler Continental Wallet and some nail polishes.. Hmmm... tought one :smile:
  2. lady go see the show!! that's what you'd spend on a dinner or two at these restaurants you want to go to anyhow ;)

    (p.s. I am totally biased but I think live theater is more worth it!)
  3. I know but $735 is a lot for me for 2,5 hours.
  4. I'd agree. I think you could find cheaper, equally as fun alternatives.
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    if you say so :whistle:

    if you want a really fun theatrical experience for less see sleep no more. looks like now the run is only scheduled through the end of june but it's so damn popular I bet it will keep being extended. I know people who have gone multiple times.
  6. Thank you. If you hear about an extension can you please let me know?
  7. of course! either way ask me again closer to your trip for performance suggestions. the turnover is so high that it's hard to know what will be open in november. it's my field so even if I haven't seen something I usually hear about what people are buzzing about.
  8. Thank you .. this is actually for the end of August. I'm gonna be in NYC for two nights. Then I'm back again in Nov for five nights.
  9. dear friends,
    in a few days I'llleave for a trip of 10 days in Boston and New York and I'm very excited and impatient. I've always dreamed of visiting New York and Boston and this will be my first time in the USA.
    I love this forum and I found here a lot of useful information!

    If possible, I would love to have your precious suggestions and addresses of shops and places in NY & Boston.

    I love vintage and a lot of people told me that in Brooklyn I can find many shops dedicated to vintage ... But unfortunately I have not any address!
    Any suggestions for shopping, restaurants and special places to visit and see absolutely will be most welcome!
    .... I can reciprocate by giving you tips on Paris, Milan, Florence and various outlet stores! Have a nice day!

    thanks a lot!
  10. I'm excited to hear about Boston too. We might do a road trip in the summer.
  11. Anyone know of any new hotels?
  12. Quick question! This will be my fourth time to NYC so I know which taxis to get, but I don't remember if they offer you flat rate from LGA to your hotel or do they do it by the meter? I think it is by meter and usually around 30.00-40.00 with tip? Please share your experiences!
  13. It's by meter. Depending on traffic/where your hotel is it can be a bit more expensive.
  14. Thank You! :biggrin:
  15. My daughter has friends going to New York in December, flights booked but all hotels that they find are very expensive. These kids want to shop, shop, shop. Can anyone recommend a good central hotel that is not too pricey? TIA.