New York City{NYC} - visitor's guide & questions

  1. anybody been on the Sex and the City tour? is it worth it?
    i'm in New York in Sept and am contemplating this tour cos i lurve sex and the city, but who i'm travelling with arent that keen!
    3.5 hours seems a long time, when i only want to have my picture taken on Carrie's steps, lol!
    (p.s, does anyone know the address/place of where Carrie's steps are?)
  2. 66 Perry st between Bleecker and w. 4th
  3. I have been told that this tour is really fun - they go to the restaurants that the girls hang out at, Carrie's apartment, the bar that Steve owns, Aidan's shop, the sex shop where the infamous Rabbit was bought, etc...everyone I know that has gone on this tour has really enjoyed it. I'm a huge SATC fan so if I ever go to NYC, I'm going on this tour!
  4. I didn't go on the tour, I just went to her stoop and took my own pics. the best part is that there is an M by MJ store about 10 feet away from carrie's stoop :tup:
  5. I went last year and loved it in fact it was part my Christmas Gift to my sister in law as we went to New York for her 30th Birthday in January
    It picks you up by Plaza Hotel and has quizzes re Sex and City
    They take you to the shop where the Rabbitt is from
    Then they take you to the Magnolia Bakery and you get a cup cake as part of the tour
    Next up is Carrie's Step, where everybody gets the chance to get their picture taken
    The only other place that you stop of is a bar called O'Neils that is the bar they used for Steve's bar

    You then go round a few differnt locations such as Meat Packing District etc to see places where scenes were filmed in sex and the city and they have TV's on with the scenes from the programme where each place you are visitng is filmed.

    it takes you back to the plaza. You are on your own special tour bus for the tour


    I enjoyed it as did my sister in law but I think if perhaps you are not a fan of sex and the city you might get a little bored, that said, it is a nice way to see New York in the warm, as you can see when I went it was a little cold!!
    The pick up and drop off point at the Plaza is also an ideal opportunity to pop into Tiffany on 5th Avenue as well :tup:
  6. It sounds like it would be fun!
  7. Thanks so much for posting the address. Is it a real aparment complex, do people live there and I wonder if they get sick of people hanging around their stairs?

    I'm in NY right now and I think I'll go down and sit on her steps. I wanted to do the SATC tour but I'm with my husband and asking him to do a 3.5 hour tour is a bit cruel. It's bad enough he has to endure the dvds constantly playing!:lol:
  8. From what the tour guide told us, it is a real appartment complex and people do live there. We had to be quiet so as not to disturb the residents. Apprently Sarah Jessica Parker lives not far away from here in real life and on a few tours she has been spotted and happy to sign autographs, pose for pictures, so you might get lucky and bump into her!!!

    We had to wait in a line on the otherside of the road and one by one (or two by two! in my case) we were allowed to have our pictures taken.

    I quite enjoyed the tour but I know my husband wouldnt have enjoyed it. You can go on a sopranoes tour as well so maybe if he likes that you could do that and share??
  9. The tour is really fun...but they must have changed it, or altered the itinerary the day I went (about 5 years ago?).

    We didn't go to "Carrie's steps" at all...bummer. Or the "sex shop"

    We did go to O'Neill's and the bakery though. And a church too, can't remember the name of it. Some boutiques and art galleries too.

    I really enjoyed the tour, and it was an added perk that our tour guide was originally from my area too!
  10. I did it last year and I thought it was really fun and cool!
  11. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to take the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sounds like such fun! but def. something to do with your girlfriends!!
  12. thankyou so much for all the info!
    at least i have the address of the steps now if we decide not to do the tour!
    think cupcakes at magnolia bakery are a must too!
  13. I think it's great you learn so many interesting secrets and locations of shoots it's pretty cool. I went for my friends birthday it was like 15 of us. It truly is fun for girls night out. Enjoy!!
  14. i did it two yrs ago this spring and i loved it! it wasnt too too long and we stopped at all those places mentioned..we had a cupcake..visited the sex shop and had a martini to0..tons of fun & lots of pic oppurtunities, you'll love it! its def worth it for sex & the city fans and a good tour of the city :smile:
  15. I went on the SatC tour last year and enjoyed it. Although I wished they would have taken the time to stop at some other places instead of briefly mention them as we whizzed by (but then I guess the tour would be much longer).
    Those cupcakes were yummy, I have a picture on Carrie's front stoop, and I got to check out the Marc Jacobs store nearby and drool over the very hot merchandise.
    It's a very nice way to spend a day in NYC!