New York City, Monday!

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Which One?

  1. MC Noe

  2. MC Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey Guys.

    Well, you all probably know, from my constant bickering, that my birthday was last month. I still have not picked out a b-day present, and my mother insisted that I waited till Spring Break for NYC to get my gift. You all know its going to be LV.

    Therefore, I am leaving this Monday for NY to sign with a modeling agency there and do a few portfolio shots. I will be there for 4 days and will pick out my bday gift from LV; well of course!

    Therefore, here are my picks:

    1)MC Noe
    2)MC Speedy
    3)MC 'anything'

    Thanks you guys :yahoo:

    :heart: Sophia
  2. Have fun Sophia! I voted Noe. Happy Belated Birthday and my wish for you is the 1/2 inch so you can work it on the runway!
  3. Aw, thanks girlie. I love the Noe!

    Doctor says I got maybe one more inch or two. Hopefully, crosses fingers!
  4. Congrats to you!!! I wish I could go there, then I could see my bf :sad:

    Anyway, definitely go for the Speedy-you've wanted it for so long and it's such a great bag...get it!!!
    Again, congrats and have fun!!!
  5. Happy Birthday, girlie! I agree with Rebecca, get the Speedy. You have been lusting over it for so long!
  6. Thanks Rebecca! LOVE your pictures, i was checking out your myspace earlier, loving the new pictures girlie!
  7. Your right, I dont even care what color anymore!

    Your simply gorgeous in your new avatar picture Michelle! Work it! :yes:
  8. MC speedy!!! Although the MC noe is really nice too...
  9. Well, thanks for all the aid you guys.

    Im off to sleep, keep the poll going and comments rolling.

    -mucho amor-
  10. I vote for the speedy.
  11. Aww thanks sweetie. :smile:
  12. Aww lol thanks!
    And I forgot to wish you an early happy birthday! :flowers:
  13. My vote went for the MC Speedy. :love:

    Happy Birthday! :balloon:
  14. I'll go against the grain and vote for the Noe- it's such an elegant bag, and you'll see far fewer of them than the Speedy, which seem to be the most prevalent MC bag.
  15. happy birthday! i'm not a big mc fan but i think the noe is cute. whatever you choose is bound to be fab.