New York City--LOTS of MJ Questions!!

  1. Hey girls...

    First of all, please forgive my ignorance, but I have never been to an MJ boutique before! I love MJ, but always order over the phone or buy at Saks.

    Anyway, I'm heading to NYC one week from today :yahoo: and I'd like some information on the MJ and MbMJ boutiques there.

    I know there are several different locations. There are two on Bleecker, one on Mercer, and some other locations listed as well. Which one do you prefer? Is one the "flagship" of the rest? :shrugs:

    Does one normally wear MJ when shopping at the boutiques to get more respect from the staff? I'm 25, but I look quite young for my age (I still get carded at movies) so I'm wondering if they'll take me seriously?! :supacool:

    My last question...which MJ bag should I carry? Here are the options:

    White Chiffon Quilted Elise:heart:
    Espresso MP:love:
    Black/Brown Striping Zip Bowler:girlsigh:

    I really appreciate all the advice! I can't wait!

    Oh, and one more thing:

    I'm currently debating between purchasing the:

    Lavendar Blake
    Navy ZC
    White Deborah
    (I've taken Navy Venetia out of the running...simply too large for my frame)

    Feel free to cast your vote! Thanks girls!! ;)
  2. I loooove my blake, soooooo much!

    Sorry, can't help with the "which bag should I take" thing lol :smile: But GL!
  3. Personally, I would take the Elise or the Zip Bowler. As for what to buy, I vote for the Lavendar Blake. Let us know what you decide. Good luck! :smile:
  4. I was told by the SA at Mercer St. that the zip bowler is not coming back. So if you want it you might as well get that one. Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. marc lover

    the boutique on mercer is the collection store... it is small, but has a nice selection of bags, shoes and clothes. i dont think you need to be decked out head to toe in mj when going, but i will say- you definately receive more attention if you are carrying a bag or something recognizable to the staff. i have been in there on days when i had a vintage purse with me and the staff isn't as helpful or won't even say hello! but throw on a mj bag and they will be up you ass with help.

    the two locations on bleecker are both marc by marc jacobs store mostly. one has a mens side (small) and the other side is womens clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, perfume, etc. ( i looove this store) and the other store on bleecker sells mostly shoes( m by mj and collection), bags, some tshirts and little knick knack stuff- think compacts, keychains, pens, etc. these two stores are only a block away from each other... so hit them both up!

    as far as more locations in the city- i don't know of any other exclusively mj boutiques. of course you can go to other stores that sell them.

    i say carry the zip bowler :smile: and buy the navy zc... sooooo cute irl and the color is beautiful!

    have fun!!
  6. Thanks girls, I'm definitely leaning toward the Blake! The pictures bag.lover posted of the Lavendar makes me want one soooo bad!!
  7. What I meant was, I already have the zip bowler. As far as bags I want to buy, I'm deciding between the Blake, ZC, and Deborah!
  8. Thanks so much for your help, yes.please! Your advice is awesome!

    I also love:heart: the Navy ZC. It is my secret plot to go in thinking I'll buy just one thing, and end up with a bag and ZC!! We'll see.

    Thanks for the advice about the zip bowler. That one is the one I was leaning toward because it is the most unique and it's the lightest.
  9. no problem... haha i hope youre secret plot works!! post photos of your new buys when you get back from your trip!
  10. I would go with the lavendar blake...the color seems so lovely!

    Have fun!!!!
  11. The NYC dept stores also have great selections of MJ bags (Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdales.) Saks has a really great selection, and I find their sales people to be very helpful and friendly. Definitely shop around before you buy one because you never know what amazing bag could be hiding out at a store!:yes:

    I almost always encounter friendly sales people. It probably helps to go during an "off" time, ie not on the weekend. I would think a weekday afternoon would be perfect. Just approach a friendly looking salesperson and ask them for help. It's their job to sell to you, after all!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip, and that you find an awesome MJ souveneir! :yahoo:
  12. Hmm, I'd say carry the White Elise and get that Navy ZC! The color is just so pretty IRL. And have a great trip! :biggrin:
  13. that's what happens when you speed read...hehehe

    carry the zip bowler or elise and get the BLAKE.
  14. 1) Collection store is located at 163 Mercer Street. MJ boutique has the biggest selection, non-mj stores only carry selected styles/colors.

    2) You don't have to carry an MJ bag; Gaby is a nice and helpful SA, you can ask for her when you are there. I recommend wearing a dark colored bag so you don't have to worry about taking care of it as much. I like Zip Bowler, but you might prefer MP so that your hands are free to shop.

    3) I would get a handbag over a wallet, Deborah and Blake are great bags. I vote for White Deborah; White is a more versatile color than Lavendar, plus, Deborah is not back for Fall 07.

    Have a wonderful trip. =)
  15. Yes, ZIP BOWLER's only made for Fall 2006. HUDSON is the only style from STRIPING line returning for Spring 2007.