New York City Fashion Week !!!

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  1. You're so lucky! I've always wanted to attend a NYFW show, but I live so far. Thanks for the highlights!
  2. Cool thanks!
    Did you click on the Burberry ad on the right?
    Their new handbags are great IMO - I LOVE quilting!
  3. Thanks for sharing these pics with us, Pradasmeadow! I LOVE your threads!
  4. My pleasure, Thank you Kat. :heart:
  5. You always start the best threads. Thanks for the pictures.:biggrin::yes:
  6. Your welcome Lila. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  7. Great photos! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the pics! I'd love to attend one someday.
  9. Pradasmeadow, were those pics from the spring 2006 shows (ie Sep 05)? ... I don't think it was for fall 06....

  10. My favorite memory of spring 2006 fashion week was when Teen Vogue editor, [SIZE=-1]Amy Astley, and Harper's Bazaar editor,[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] Glenda Bailey, were almost shut out of Anna Sui. Security refused to let them in because it was overbooked and they arrived right before the show was to start. They finally got in when Amy got the attention of the publicists. The standing room only line rushed the line when this happened. A crazy mob scene.
  11. Hello Sonya, the pics are from 05 :biggrin:
  12. Yep !!! these shows sure can get really crazy ! and the whole event last only 5 mins. :shocked:
  13. Thanks for the great pics. My brother got to go to the Vivien Tam show.
  14. coool I love Vivienne Tam. :love: