New York Bag outlet store?

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  1. hello ladies!!

    not sure if this is the best place to put this but I can't really find anywhere else its fits!

    I few months ago when I first started researching my trip to NY, I found a link to a great store in New York that was a top end handbag store outlet. it wa sin the centre of NY, not at an outlet center or soemthing. They had a website, but you can't order from it. They have all sorts fo brands. Prada, Jacobs, Versace, plus many, many more & apparently they are quite fabmous?

    does it ring a bell? anyone??

    I did have it book marked but I have 'lost ' it somehow? :sad:

    thanks girls!
  2. Oh--someone else mentioned this a few days ago in a thread that was something like 'visit to nyc-where to shop' Aack. Sorry!
  3. really?? how fab! I did a search before I started but wthout a name its a little hopeless!

    thanks ! Ill look for the thread now!

    cute doggie!:biggrin:
  4. Thanks. It's a total 'brain fart' morning for me!!! I hope you can find it. You'll have to be Sherlock Holmes with that clue!
  5. ahah! I mean it was hard for me to search as I couldn't recall the name of the store!!!!

    I still can't find it thoguh. dang! will have to be really dull & manully searc hthe forums the trouble is I always get distracted.......:biggrin:
  6. YES!! That's the one I meant!!
  7. thats it!!!

    thank you both soooo much!!!!!!! !! its been driving me loopy!:biggrin:

    thanks !! :flowers:
  8. omgomgomg!! its RIGHT near my hotel too!!!! thanks guys!!!! I am soooooooo excited!!! dang!! I really really can't wait to go now!:d
  9. Let us know what you get!
  10. of course!!!! though, buy looking at their site I may have to trade my plane ticket & swim back to England with my bags :biggrin:

    I love tods!! but I'm also crazy about all the others they have on there too:biggrin:
  11. Wow, this place is 100% legit? Are we sure??
  12. This is Duty Free Apparel, right? That seemed to be what came up from the above link, Yes, if it's that shop, it is totally legit, but inspect carefully, because sometimes there are rubs, nicks etc. I think their prices are okay--a small discount--but not worth going out of the way for.
  13. Yes, duty free. I agree that the discounts aren't that great.
  14. ARe the prices on the website? I don't see them anywhere? I'm going to NY this weekend and I really want to get a new bag. Are you sure it's 100% authentic??