New York and Sale

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  1. I'm planning a trip to New York this summer, as a graduation-gift for my self :yahoo: And, I'm wondering when the sale starts? In Denmark where I live, it starts in August. Is it the same in the US?
  2. No the fall/winter sales usually start in November.. spring/summer sales

    start end May sometimes in June.. business is at a different level so it is hard to

    predict when sales will start
  3. Ah, okay. How long does it last? Approximately?
  4. The sales start at a certain percentage off and then keep escalating in percentage

    Like now the markdowns are 60 to 75% off in stores

    There are also Last Call stores ( Neiman Marcus) Off Fifth ( Saks)

    Off the Rack ( Nordstrom) and outlets stores.. one being Woodbury Commons

    which has many designer stores.. just google and the info is there for your

  5. Great, thanks for your response. I will try to Google it :biggrin:
  6. newyork is like the sale bonanza.. i.. i love NY....