New Year's Resolutions?

  1. Sorry if this is trite or has been done already!
    Is anyone willing to fess up to one Hermes resolution and one non-Hermes resolution:
    For me--
    Hermes: limit possible leather acquisitions to azap vertical wallet, and if lucky, bolide or Birkin in raisin or brighton blue (or a black box Birkin)
    Non-Hermes: increase efficiency at work and spend more time with my family
  2. i was just scribbling a list down yesterday.
    an hermes resolution??? to ponder and contemplate and research and study and adore and pine and plot for a bolide.
    non-hermes - to remember that i feel best in one lipstick and stop buying all those other glosses and tubes; that i don't "need" any more clothes for a while; to wear all the clothes that i have; that i have hobbies and could try picking them up once in a while instead of shopping (see a consistent theme here?)...
  3. I know that's right. ;)

    My Hermes resolution is to finally decide what my next kelly bag will be. I've been concentrating too much on birkins and other items and my kelly has gotten lonely.

    Non hermes resolution: to take better care of my health. Seriously.
  4. My New Year's Resolution is to keep my New Year's Resolutions.
  5. Hah! I was just thinking about making this thread.

    I will get a Birkin in 2007, and

    I have several non-Hermes resolutions mainly regarding personal organization and financial health (e.g. I refuse to pay interest on ANYTHING this year!)
  6. H resolution: I am done buying for a while after yesterday's splurge!!! :sweatdrop: Except for a tiger keychain to go on my Picotin...but that's it!!! :graucho:

    Non H resolution: Keep working out every single day! :yahoo: And eat healthier.
  7. Hermes new Year Resolution: To finally find a Plume Elan GM in Box leather for my birthday and to "thin" out my collection to those bags I completely adore and use the most.

    Non-Hermes New Years Resolution: among others, to start and continue a Yoga program.
  8. my Herms resolution is:
    NOT to find more bags to love, and just get those 3 on my list! (it is scary how they keep coming out with new beauties), :sad: I fear that this is the resolution I will break though.:sweatdrop:
    Non-Hermes, ...donate more time and money to the charities I support,:yes: go to the gym 5 not 4 times a week,:smile: loose 10 lbs. (gained last year, and entierly caused by eating chocolate), and eat less chocolate!:p
  9. Hermes Resolution: To try and limit my scarf purchases, I have too many. Oh and try to get a Bolide.

    Non Hermes resolution: To not be such a packrat, I have too much stuff. And to exercise everyday. And learn to speak French.
  10. Hermes resolution: To get a 28 BJ Togo Kelly:yes:

    Non Hermes: Pay off CC (which is never ending) & smile more:p

    Good luck everyone with your New Year's Resolution
  11. Hermes Res: I hope to get my HAC 36cm or Birkin 35 in Graphite R/HW or Potiron G/HW...ETA Fall 2007..earlier I hope.

    Non-Hermes Res: Less Shopping. Sell More Non-Hermes Bags. Consolidate Bags into very FEW (6) select pieces only. (Hermes, Balenciaga and LV). Pay
  12. ooh, yes, learn French!
  13. To eat, drink and be merry!:p
  14. Hermes resolution: to not buy anymore bags (after Tuesday's arrives lol!) until my SO comes in;

    Non H resolution: To stick myself on a budget, spend less, be happy with all I have, and find something or some cause to invest myself in...
  15. H resolution: to limit purchases to a cadena . . . and a wallet . . . and a plisse, preferably with a contrast hem . . . and that's IT! I swear! I really, really mean it!

    Non-H: exercise, and wear sunscreen every day, and get more:sleepy: