New Year's Resolutions

  1. Not that I ever seem to adhere to them, but I do make them .. just wondering what others might be thinking (not trying to be nosy here - this is just for FUN purposes). I'll start with mine:

    1. I vow NOT to read/purchase anything that has the "Kar-trashian" (Kardashian) name :yucky: on it .. SO SICK OF THEM! [Unless of course I'm sitting in the Hair Salon - they always have those magazines!]
    2. I will adhere to a 1-in/1-out rule (if I buy a Bal bag, then 1 has to go .. if it can work for others, it SHOULD work for me!!)
    3. I will go to Italy this year for Holiday!!! :tender:
    4. I will re-train myself; get all the appropriate certifications to go back into Mgmt Consulting (self-employed) and get out of the Finance world rat-race!
    5. I will continue to work on my Jewelry designs and get items made in order to have a body of work together for at least ONE trunk show in 2012 (haven't decided where ...)
    6. I will save more $$$ .. instead of spend, spend, spend (ahem - my favorite thing to do :crybaby:!)
    7. I will eat better, drink less (:drinkup: ) and exercise more ...
  2. 1. Diet Monday. And January. And February... and so on and so forth.
    2. Focus on more SLGs. Nothing like having a pretty bag and a pretty wallet or change pouch to pull out.
    3. Discover the joy of RH.
    4. Continue to discover the joy of pre-loved GH.
    5. Save as much as I spend. (We shall see...)
    6. Get some really nice jewellrey - it's one thing I've been hesitant invest in, and it seems rather silly not to.
    7. Get my driver's liscence.
  3. Fun, fun! CJ and Cait, what a good way to bring in the New Year's!

    1. Eat more veggies. Potato chips and french fries are not a vegetable!
    2. Drink less outside drinks like Starbucks and Peet's coffee. Those cost a fortune if you think about it.
    3. Go For A Run at least three times a week, and keep it going.
    4. Keep my Handbag Happiness state. I now know, that this is means no more than 8 to 10 bags for me.
    5. Keep only the keepers. (In terms of handbags, friends and philosophies.)
    5. Continue my aggressive savings mode so that I can buy a house in about two years.
  4. --I like the 1-in 1-out rule (does it matter if the one in costs 3x more than the one out? DH says it does.)
    --Stop overcommitting (is that an overcommittment?)
    --Keep my house cleaner :roflmfao:
    --Bathe my dog more than once every other month (she votes no on that one)

    Thanks, CeeJay--it's good to consider improvements; one step closer to them actually happening. Happy New Year!
  5. Hmmm, trying to remember them now, lol
    1) cook a new dish at least 2x per month
    2) make time to go out with good friends at least 1x per month, even in the crazy months!!
    3) only one day of "cheating" for my diet per week
    4) work out 3x per week. try new workouts!
    5) sell the bags i dont use in >6 months. and then get different ones. and don't go (much) over my monthly budget
  6. Wow, I didn't even think of resolutions this year....

    1. Less hunting and more wearing. I have developed a very wearable collection, so now I really need to focus on wearing the Bals that I have.
    2. Spend WAY less time online and much more quality time with my family.
    3. Stop being such a workaholic. Work a normal day's hours and give myself the rest of the time to have a life.
    4. Have more patience with my kids. Don't expect them to be mini-adults. Seriously, they're only 4 and 5.
    5. Try not to look like such a scrub atleast half the days of the week. This is super hard, considering I work from home.
    6. Show more appreciation to my sweet-beyond-belief Bal supportive hubby
    7. 1 Bal In - 1 Bal Out Rule: I will have 11 in my collection after my last Bal arrives. Hopefully, resolution #1 will help make this resolution an easier one to keep.
    8. Exercise!!!!
  7. ^^ Thanks *S* .. you reminded me that I need to do the same!!! Our company has "trimmed the sails" so much that they expect everyone to do the work of 4 people .. forget it. I'm going to do what I can do and if they don't like it, they can kick me to the curb!
  8. 1) workout at least once a week for 2 hours.
    2) Put $300 each month into savings.
    3) invest 15% of my monthly income each month.
    4) set a weekly/monthly budget....and stick to it.
    5) no unnecessary purchases.
    6) drink more water.
    7) plan a date night with the bf at least once a week.
    8) travel more.
    9) donate to charity or do volunteer work at least once a month.
  9. EXACTLY, man! Can't just keep workin' and miss out on the greatness of life. I feel like my last couple of years have been stuck in my home office.
  10. :lolots: at the bolded. I made no resolutions (never do) but these two are right up my alley.

  11. Yeah, really--Notice that I never actually MADE the resolutions. Hate to lie. :graucho:
  12. At least you can work from home!!! .. I'm stuck in the freakin' office from 7am until at least 8-9pm every day (except Friday where I usually try to get out at the latest 4:30pm because of traffic)!! Our management is so pedantic that they feel that they have to "see" you; if not .. well, then you're not doing your work .. WTF?!?! Drives me NUTS! My 'new' boss is basically treating me as his Admin; set up this meeting; set up that meeting .. really??? Nope .. that won't continue ...
  13. Exactly the kind of crap that keeps me from working for anyone else. I'd go nuts with that. I worked for someone else for only a year out of grad school. Never went back to that. Of course, I'm a workaholic so my hours are just as long, if not longer. So, I'm a pretty tough boss to myself.

    Gotta make the $$$ to keep this addition!:lol:
  14. - continue to save money for a house
    - workout 5-6 days a week instead of the 2-3 I've been doing

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