New Years Resolutions?

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  1. What are yours?


    eat healthier
    buy another Hermes scarf (I like this one lol)
    get more toned and fit
    find a boyfriend (lol)
    get good grades
    become a better rider and equestrian
  2. Mine:
    To not make any new purchases and appreciate and enjoy the things I already have (unless I have saved up for them- no cc).
    To think before I write/talk as I tend to blurt things out!
    To put some cash in savings account.
    To spend more quality time w/husband, daughter & less on computer
  3. None. Not one.

    I've decided not to put that kind of pressure on myself and set myself up for failure right off the bat of the new year!!! LOL!!!
  4. I'm going to start exercising regularly.
  5. My main resolution is to get organized!

    to continue working out daily
    eat healthier, mainly healthy snacks
  6. + pay off my credit cards
    + go to the gym at least 3x a week
    + become more conscientious about my spending
    + become more independent, less dependent on my bf
    + more As! :biggrin:
    + go to Hawaii in August (I think this is my favorite :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:)

    ooh and
    + try to dress more fabulously (aka no more jeans + sweater + rainbow flip flops!)
  7. Make more time for my family
    Pay off my credit cards
    Get a new car
  8. Be nicer.
    Learn to save money. (Doubt this one is going to be achieved though.)
    Get an A average this semester.
    Extreme makeover my house.
    Gain more weight.
  9. 1. Get a Job.
    2. To become more financially independent from my parents.
    3. To be more financially responsible with all of my credit and work on raising the score.
    4. To have an overall happier year and be more conscious about saying thanks for all of my blessings.
  10. 1440x900!

    oh, you meant the other kind? :s
  11. To keep on keepin' on.
  12. Mine are:

    *lose about 30 lbs.
    *pay off my credit cards
    *save money for a down payment on a house
    *don't buy as many bags :p
  13. + Learn a new talent; I'm signing up to do a evening beauty therapy course at my local college
    + Look good: Have joined the gym, and aim to go minimum of 3 times a week
    + Cultural: Make an effort to do something cultural once a month (So far I've organised a minibreak to the city of Bath to learn more about it's history!)
    + Go on holiday to Greece and totally unwind and relax (booked)
    + Go on holiday to Australia to visit old friends (booked)
    + Get a part time job in something that I acutally care about (Which can be hard at aged sixteen, when most jobs involve slaving away at a deep fat fryer)

    More then I thought actually!
  14. - Lose 10-15 pnds
    - Buy my Speedy 35
    - Go on a cruise
    - Try to exercise more/regularly [ Maybe join the Y]
    - SAVE MONEY !
  15. -Get more flexible
    -Stop buying so many purses (i seriously need to save for other stuff)
    -Get a good part in le corsaire
    -get all As (aaaah thats going to be hard this year)