New Years Resolution: How Are You Doing?

  1. So it's been almost a month...most reso;lutions only last 2 weeks. How are you all doing?

    I'm doing pretty good. I haven't eaten a single potato chip, chocolate bar or piece of candy. I also set a goal to quit smoking by age 30 (November of this year) but I haven't started that yet.
    My other goal was to finish renovations on my far this year I've finished one bedroom (I had already completed one bedroom, laundry room, and 2 bathrooms) and part of my office (am laying the floor today). So I'm on track with that goal.
  2. ^^ I wish DH would quit smoking, too! urgh!!

    Anyway, I've been good sticking to my resolution until it's that time of the month(sorry TMI). :biggrin:
  3. Mine are going ok:

    -Having a bit more patience... kinda working, but I bite my tongue when I want to blurt something out.

    -Picking up the phone when people call. [I usually ignore most calls.]
  4. Didn't make any I never keep them!