New Year's Resolution 2008: Eating Healthy Support Thread

  1. Hi everyone,

    Yea....I'm on this whole 'I need to change my life around' kick. Financially and health wise. And I'll slip up because I don't have the support at home....hubby has no inclination to eat I need your support!!!

    I'm starting this thread....for myself, but maybe for others out there who want to make changes and need support too!

    I really envision this as my way of being accountable for what I eat....looking for tips and tricks!

    I am buying a digital scale next week and will weigh myself 1/1/2008 and update all the time.

    I basically am just disgusted with what I eat, how I eat, what food I buy, etc. I need to get it in control. Every year I add 5 lbs to my weight....and my the time I'm forty I'll be officially obese. It needs to stop now!!!

    So.....if you'd like to join in...let's support each other and help each other!

    On 1/1/2008 I'll officially start and state my full resolutions and my plan of attack!!!

    Let's all help each other....we can post recipes in here, tips, websites, etc.!
  2. I'm in Twiggers, what a good idea!
  3. I'm definitely in twiggers!!!
  4. This is a great idea! I'm trying to make small changes too. I'm not brave enough to post weights but I will definitely support you!
  5. I Am So In.....
  6. YAY!!!!! I am planning on buying a digital scale after Christmas...and I want to take measurements of various parts....because I know that sometimes that is what really matters!
  7. Yup, it helps to have a digital scale and measurements on hand!

    I'm actually going to start now, since I am on break from school and can really focus on changing my bad habits without any distractions. I had my last bag of doritos (MMM) and then drank 32 oz of water and weighed myself. Tomorrow will be tough!!!
  8. Twiggers--I'm in as well! I need to start taking better care of myself too.
  9. This is a really good plan. I had a very good 2007 for eating in general but it doesn't hurt to motivate others and get support......this will be a great thread!!!

  10. I'm so in! Im a big yoga nut so I can also help with yoga ?'s and exercises you can do at home :smile:
  11. Ahh so it's day two of eating healthy. Yesterday went surprisingly well- I had lots of fruits and veggies, completely avoided processed food. I'm actually wondering why I didn't do this sooner! Woke up today and had a fruit breakfast and am looking forward to my snack of edamame later!

    We can do this!!! :biggrin:
  12. This is good to know, I have always wanted to try yoga!
  13. Oh my god, scratch my last post. This is hard. Very hard.

    I am craving a burrito from this burrito shop near my apartment back at school.. so badly. For some reason, whenever I try to lose weight or eat healthier, I ALWAYS crave this. GHLKDGDS!!!!!
  14. TWIGGERS You heard my cry for help sister!! I bhave had a shocking health year and am with you 100%. No backing out!!!!! I started my first "food journal" today and then came across this thread. Yes Jan 1 I am with you all the way.

    So members so far......
    x joie
    coco (me)
    and windycityaj for some support!!!

    I must must must lose weight. I give you all permission to kick my butt and and make me accountable!!
  15. Let me explain why I have not started today watching what I eat ....

    I am Italian and it is christmas...

    My family will inject food into me if I say no... weak I know, but Jan 1 it is...