Food New Years Food Traditions (& recipes)


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Aug 17, 2007
In the Forest
Do you have any New Years eve or day food traditions?

Please share them and include recipes.

I am fixating on mochi today and wish I had a mochi maker.


I always like having Hors d'Oeuvres instead of a NYE meal. I need to find my recipes and I'll post a couple things later.


Jan 31, 2010
We usually do appitizers as well but this year DH wants Chinese Food. On one hand I do not have to cook but on the other, Chinese is not my first choice of food ever but oh well.


Dec 27, 2009
We do a prime rib every year on New Years Day, but this year we are doing it tomorrow for the Winter Classic. I'm nervous about using our new convection oven, but I think it's going to turn out really well. :yes:


Aug 16, 2007
The craft room.
Yeah we have traditions. A bit of background, in our culture they say the first day of the year is a good indeication/reflection on how you might be for the rest of the year. Always grew up with suggestions to spend no money or borrow anything on New Years. You don't want to be in debt/paying for things/owing people stuff. So yesterday we did all the grocery shopping we would need for today (and the rest of the week) and filled up our cars on gas. We shopped for lots of goodies last night. And stocked up on noodles. It's said that you should have noodles on New Years. Once they are long, you will have longevity. No short stuff (like plain short rice).

Yah silly superstition but it's one that I follow (perhaps the only one too, ha!!). I typically just follow the no spending rule (I feel like putting an effort in on the first day of the New Year with this good behavior is just installing the good behavior for the rest of the year). So I don't really believe in the superstition of it, just makes sense to start the New Year with good habits (even though typically I'm very good with money). I try to have noodles on New Years at least once (just for traditions sake) in the day, but I'll won't stop myself from eat anything else I want. ROFL!!

Once today for us as a reflection of this 2012 year we spent it with those we love, hosting tonight's dinner. And with the whole noodle thing, I made spring rolls once there's noodles in the dish.