New years event gone bad!

  1. So my parents throw an event every year in nyc to bring in the new year. Me & my SO had prior obligations to attend another affair, after we left we decided to see how things were going at my parents event, we stumbled in probably more intoxicated than we should have been after 12am and my mother came up to me and said, Corey you look fabul--- what did you get on your birkin ? I looked down and to my disbelief..
    a big " F U" sloppily drawn on the back of it in what I believe to be sharpie. My poor birkin has been sabotaged by [which makes it even worse] someone who simply didn't like me, I don't think it was a jealousy issue considering most of the ppl there own/ very easily could own a birkin, or whatever else they want for that matter, It was at a good friend of my SO's loft in greenwich village. I'M SO UPSET. I SOBERED UP SO FAST and have been contemplating what to do about the situation. There were a lot of ppl there I was unfamiliar with so it could have been anyone. I dont want to tell the host, he'd feel responsible, yet at the same time there is a part of me that wants him to just voice to guests as he sees them that I'm not too pleased with what they did. Im leaving for home in LA on the 3rd do you think I should take it to H here or wait until I get home to have them initiate the repair process ?

    I want it off NOW :crybaby:
  2. OMG- that is the most horrific thing I have ever heard {{{hugs to you}}
    I would take it in right away to NY this way your mind is ease from worrying. :heart:
  3. oh no! that is so sad...I don't know what to say except I'm very sorry for you...:sad:

    I am sure that H will be able to fix this...sending positive vibes your way :heart::heart::heart:
  4. Oh. My. God. That is just the most spiteful thing, ever. I can't imagine. Please, please take it in right away, to your nearest H, and keep us posted!!
  5. lecolquitt, I am sorry for what happened with you and even more about how s***y it might have felt. BUT just think for a minute what a miserable person who did that. It is pitiful :nogood:
    Take your birkin to H asap and have it fixed. Then just forget about the whole story. This is the best revenge to people like that - ignore them totally.
    Happy New Year darling!:drinkup:
  6. How awful for you Lecolquitt. Run, don't walk to your nearest Hermes. Hermes craftsmen/women can do wonderful things and the sooner you get this behind you the better.
    It is hard to believe that people would be so knowingly destructive. You and you bag will be in my thoughts. Big, big ((Hugs)).
  7. OMG, how horrible!!!! Just makes me sick to contemplate how mean, spiteful and hateful anyone could be to stoop to defacing/destroying someone else's personal property just because... there are no words :cursing:

    If it were me, I would DEFINITELY mention it to your host and kick up the biggest stink. What kinds of vandals and hooligans does he allow into his home? I'd expect this sort of thing to happen on the subway or in the crowds at Times Square, but not in the home of a friend! It's unforgivable.

    Also, I'd take it to the *H* boutique in NYC pronto rather than waiting till you get back to LA. Let them start cleaning it ASAP.
  8. Yes, I agree, I would mention it to your host. What kind of person does this?
  9. Oh so sorry, I can't even imagine something like that happening. Who and why would somebody by so cruel? I would certainly mention it to your host. I would also get the back to H as soon as possible so that the repair can begin immediately. Hope it can be fixed....Good luck.
  10. I'm one to do things myself (and I usually do quite well, BTW). Taking it to Hermes would be your best bet if you're not a do-it-yourselfer, but try googling "ink remover for leather". A lot of products come up that, if used carefully, show there is promise for removing the ink. Here's one:

    Hermes may have a similar product that they know how to use professionally and can do it for you with their expertise.
  11. :wtf: !!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it "C"...How can someone do such a thing:cursing: !!!
    I feel so sorry for you:sad:.

    If I were you I' would bring it at H ASAP to have it cleaned/repaired...and then I would call your host just to let him know...Maybe he has an idea on the "..." who did that...

    I wish you the best for this New year (and for your poor Birkin : is it your Ebene ???)
  12. The longer the ink stays on the leather, the harder it would be to remove it. I had ink on my Birkin previously, and whilst the craftsman could remove the smaller stains, the ones that had been there for a while couldn't be removed. I highly recommend rushing your bag to the NY boutique for emergency repairs now!!
  13. :wtf: The poor bag!! Some people are so.... Gaaah! Drop it off at the N.Y. store asap, so they can fix the damage!
  14. Oh, I felt sick when I read that. I can't believe how evil some people can be. Please keep us posted on how the repair goes. Is the Madison store open today? if so, I'd run it right over. So sorry this happened to you.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear (read) this . . . .I wonder if it was someone who your host did NOT know....perhaps a guest of a guest. You poor thing.