New Year's Eve...which bag?

Jun 8, 2006
Belated Merry Christmas and Chanaukah to all! With New Year's Eve coming up, I pondering the question....What purse to carry. This will not be as hard as you think. I am thinking pochettes as appropriate and only have two. One in traditional Mono and my brand new Damier ebonne. I don't have a glittery purse, and will have to travel for what do you think? Am not wanting to go and purchase another purse (ha), having PCPS (Post-Christmas Pocketbook Syndrome. Probably should be post-Holiday Pocketbook Syndrome, but anyway...


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
I'm the same way. I really need to purchase a nice evening bag. I have so many day bags, but not anything really dressy. Still, I think the Damier would be lovely. I have one (the Duomo) and it is quite special so I think you'll look nice.