New Year's Eve: What Did You Wear ?

  1. Do you have any idea yet on what you will be wearing if you go out ?

    How dressed up do you get ? Post a picture of dresses or outfits that you would wear for New Years.

    I like to be fun and formal. This year I like the idea of a dress with rosettes


  2. My dress is black and the back is completely open with a sequin trim!! I will try it on with my Rene Caovilla sandals and take pics!!
  3. I love that silver/grey dress. So pretty.

    I don't think we're going to go anywhere. Probably stay at home with friends and family.
  4. Wow ! you cant go wrong with a black backless dress it sounds gorgeous.
  5. New Year's Eve is my wedding anniversary and although we usually go out this year we are staying in - at least I want to. I want to be wearing some comfy leggings and a grecian tunic drinking champagne and watching movies with my hubby. Sounds boring but I am so looking forward to it.
  6. ^ I love Sienna's dress and the one beside her to the right.
  7. I love those dresses!

    Well, we usually go out to a casual Italian restaurant with our big group of friends and then gather at someone's house to party until midnight. My husband and I are hosting the party this year so I need to look spectacular, but I can't be TOO formal because no one in our group really dresses up much.

    I am thinking about COH jeans (dark wash, trouser style), black satin heels, a black V-neck cashmere sweater I have with sequins lining the neckline, and a black tuxedo jacket.
  8. Not boring, I think its one of the most romantic time's of the year to spend the evening at home with your honey on New Year's Eve . I did it one year, it was snowing out too ! :love:

  9. Agreed ! you have to look fab ! Sounds like you will, great choice.
  10. I can honestly say my BF has never taken me anywhere for New Years. Sometimes I want to go...but then I think about the crowds and I change my mind. I spent one New Years in Paris and you know I think I slept through it...or I watched it on TV. I just wanted to go home.

    I guess I'm a party pooper.
  11. We always celebrate with family and friends, and I am leaning toward very simple this year: black pants, black top with just a bit of tiny black beads or sequins or something, with pale pink NotChanel and matching pale pink classic Keds, and for bling, just a a sprinkle of some very old rhinestones, to wink at the saucy rhinestone X on the clasp of the NotChanel.

    And I am considering a pale pink cami under the black top, for a little strap peek, so there will be something to wink at the Keds when I am not carrying the bag, but my sister-in-law keeps her thermostat on about 90, and still goes around offering people plush throws and apologizing for the "icy air," so I may be pushing it to even think of wearing black!
  12. Thank you PRADA's :graucho:
  13. Ashlend that sounds like a great outfit. Black is always a great plan because it always looks dressy even with jeans. Even if your friends don't dress up, hey your still in jeans, but YOU will be looking great and stylish.
  14. Shoegal thats a great day for a wedding anniversary!!

  15. It was- we were married at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. From the ballroom you could see the lakefront so at midnite fireworks that we didn't have to pay for!