New Year's Eve Plans

  1. My BF and I have made peace with the fact that we are terribly and incorrigibly uncool ppl. Living in NYC, we've done the Times Square bit (from outside and from my cozy office with a balcony overlooking the party in TS, and from another office high above the party in TS); we've done the $500 midnight dinners and champagne toast; we've done the crazy, drunken parties (what's the big deal with those anyhow???); we've done the midnight run; we've done the quiet dinners at home; we've done the midnight cruise dinners (ugh.). We're fresh out of ideas, so I'm tapping into your creative genius!

    So, how are you ringing in the new year this Dec 31?
  2. ^I sleep thru it.....ROFLMAO..Im so over the NEW YEARS parties that I either sleep thru it or let my 11 yr old have a NEW YEARS EVE sleepover party with a bunch of her pals
  3. Well with four kids, it's not that exciting. We could get a babysitter (grandma) but we'd rather just have a nice dinner at home, and basically watch the tube and fall asleep on the couch only to wake up at 11:55 and watch the ball drop. Then we give each other a big kiss and pass out in bed. :sleepy:
  4. We are usually either at someones house, on the strip, or we are down on Freemont street(which I prefer). This year, we will be in Arkansas visiting my best friend and her family. They have a little party at their house to ring in the new year, so thats where we will be!
  5. Undecided!
  6. Mom will be here visiting so its party time for sure, lmao. I have to work next day @ 6:00 am. uuggggghhh!
  7. We still don't know what we're going to do, but for me the best New Year's Eve has always been while I was on ski-holiday.
    If I had to decide, that's what I would do: 4-5 days in a charming hotel on the alps, surrounded by snow and trees... skiing all day on the 31.. then a sauna in the hotel in the afternoon, then a nice top+jeans to go and have dinner in the hotel or in a refuge on the mountains.
    And then waiting for the midnight with your Significant Other!

    This year I'm afraid we won't be able to, but that would be my dreams' new year's eve.
  8. I'm pretty much a homebody now these days too, plus I hate the pressure of having a smashing, crazy, amazing, unbelievably good time. I think this year I'm just going to enjoy a nice evening in with my DH....oh wait, that's like most other nights! OK so maybe we'll drink champagne instead of wine, that'll be the difference. Pathetic, I know!
  9. We are going to The Melting Pot for dinner with a big group and then everyone is coming back to our house for Fireworks! We can set them off right in front of the house! It's fantastic! We usually go overboard however and buy about $2,000 worth of them! LOL The neighbors block off the cul-de-sac and join us.

  10. this is pretty much what i usually do, except we always stay home in the evening and have lobster :drool: and consume far too much champagne. and that i don't do it in the alps!
  11. My best friend and her husband have a vacation house in Maine...we are all going up there for the weekend and New Years and for New Years Eve we are having an 80's Prom Night theme...we are dressing up in really really 80's wear and drinking the night away...good times as always!!
  12. I'm pretty much over the party thing too. We'll probably do an early dinner somewhere and get home and off the roads.
  13. We're the most un-party people in the world, I think. We'll probably get a pizza about 5:30 p.m. and then fall asleep by 7:00 p.m. We're totally, completely happy about it! It's what we do every year.
  14. Before we had kids, DH and I would typically meet up with friends each year at a local bar and ring in the new year together with cheesy party hats and drinks. Now, with 2 kids, we treat it just like any other day, except that DH and I will attempt to stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop. We usually just pass out first, though.
  15. Oh, wherever it is.... it's just the mountains atmosphere that makes it special! JMO.
    So... are you living near mountains??:drool:

    This year we'll stay at home, no parties, just maybe a simple dinner with friends. Well, lobsters are always welcome anyway!