New Year's Eve in NYC?

  1. Hello, hello!!!!!! :yahoo:

    As you may have guessed by my multiple exclamation marks, I'm a little excited...I've been planning my holiday to New York at Christmas (first time! woohoo!!), and am currrently investigating our options for New Year's Eve. Being the tourists we are, we would love to be somewhere overlooking Times Square, but don't want to join the general melee in the square. Could anyone recommend a cool bar any cool bards I can look into? I think we're budgeting up to around $200 for entry and the that too much/too little?

    Any advice would be hugely, and excitedly, appreciated! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. $200. Good luck. If you find some place for that price, please post it! Your best bet would be to find a place like say "The View" in the Marriot hotel, and have a late dinner then stay to watch the ball drop. Honesty, it will be very rare for you to find anywhere for $200 and has a great view of Times Square. I would count on spending at least $500 per person.

    Actually, if I am in town, I watch everything from a friends apartment that overlooks Times Square. I can't deal with the crowd. I call it amateur night.
  3. Awww man, really? $500 on one night out...or a new handbag...hmmm :rolleyes:

    And hey, leave us amateur, wanna partake in cheesy tradition tourists alone :lol: So funny, I would never recommend any one to spend New Years in London in Trafalgar Square, but I'm desperate to do the equivalent on the other side of the world :p
  4. Planet Hollywood does something like that I don't remember the price but there are different tiers maybe it's on their website
  5. LOL hubba!!!

    I rarely go out on NYE... it is sooo amateur night. I'd rather goto the parties on New Year's Day.. especially if it's a weekday!!!
  6. If it were up to me, they would close down NYC on NYE and prevent anyone who doesn't actually live on the island from coming into the city. :rolleyes: I can dream...can't I???

  7. I wish this would happen, but NYE does mark the beginning of the period of relative peace and quiet, at least until April or so, so I guess a few extra million on one night can be dealt with. I've been here for almost 6 years and I wouldn't be caught dead at Times Square on NYE. Actually, the OP is leaving it a little late to try and find hotel rooms, etc. for NYE in TS. I know the hotels overlooking the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade route are booked a year in advance.
  8. I would google the Times Square Alliance or New Years Eve Times Square -- you'll get a whole list of places to try. I've lived in and around NY for 30 years and only went once as friends from CA wanted to go. Did not join the mob (you had to get out there about 6pm to do that) but walked down a side street about 11:30 for the count down and the crowd was not overly raucous or strange -- since 9/11 security is tight, fire lanes are controlled and it seems like people have a good time. Good luck !!
  9. Looks like I'm going to be a complete geek in that case! ha ha. Thanks for the recommendations!
  10. Can't help sorry but enjoy your holiday. I would so love to go away for Christmas & NYE, avoid the madness at home, all the shopping, decorating, cooking & cleaning. Oh to be in a hotel for the whole time!
  11. OP when I went for new year I stayed at the Roosevelt it's a great hotel it doesn't overlook times square but it is very close to it

    ETA I also booked at about this time, so it is stil possible to get a good hotel but don't hang about much longer