New Year's Eve in Miami/South Beach

  1. A few friends and I will be spending new year's eve in Miami. I've never been before. We're trying to find a club to go to or something else fun to do. Any suggestions?

    I've been put in charge of planning our activity for the evening. I looked online and found some clubs, but I don't know anything about any of them. Please help!
  2. I just went there
    The good clubs were

    2)the MAnsion
    There is one other I cant remember.....
  3. Thanks Jill! Mansion was on my list!
  4. oh geez, Miami is NUTS on new years eve..... what am I talking about??? It's nuts 365 days a year!!

    have fun!

    you're from MI, whereabouts?? I grew up there, and now I live in S. Florida, about an hour and a half north of miami :smile:
  5. ^^I'm currently living in Farmington Hills, and I've lived in Metro Detroit most of my life. Where are you from?
  6. Mansion is fun, but too big and overcrowded for my taste.. Opium is fun as well and has a nice layout.. I'd stay away from Shine if possible. Nikki beach will probably be fun during the day/evening... SET is gorgeous inside, but not my crowd. I tend to like a diverse, laid back, hip and underground crowd, so if you like the similar, you'll be ok at those places I suggested.
  7. Nikki Beach is more popular on Sunday afternoon/evenings...Opium has some weird crowds(Make sure its not Rapper night when u go...LMAO...we walked away from there FAST!!)
  8. Opium does have some weird crowds sometimes... So definitely check the lineups. I usually go to Miami every year for the Winter Music Conference which is probably the craziest club week in Miami. I tend to miss those "off" nights because all the clubs are having special events that week when I go.

    If you get a chance to check out the Pawn Shop in downtown, definitely go. That place has the most fun layout ever!

    And if Aquabooty productions is throwing any parties, GO!! Tomas throws the best parties in SoBe. I've been to some of his parties at the Pawnshop, but he's thrown awesome parties at most of the larger clubs in Miami.

    And for food... There's some really nice restaurants and some really bad restaurants... Must go lunch spots include Puerto Sangua on Collins and 7th, and La Sandwicherie on 14th and Collins. Those are SoBe's best!!
  9. We were there with friends last year and went to Nikki Beach. It was nice, kind of laid back. It was at the end of our vacation (cruise) and to be completely honest, we had done too much partying on the cruise, we were all kind of spent by NYE.

    Going on a cruise again this year that last week in December and decided to skip SOBE this time around for the reason above. Just wasn't worth and additional $2k (hotel, nice dinner, club, etc.). I'd rather have another bag!

    We went to dinner at Prime 112 and I would HIGHLY recommend. It was fab.:tup:
  10. Thanks for the suggestions!! I'll be emailing these out to everyone tonight :tup:
  11. I grew up in Macomb County.
  12. BF and I have spent two of our three (soon to be four) NYEs together in Miami, and I love it! We don't go out on NYE itself because of the crowds (parking there is a ***** ANY time of the year, but especially so on NYE. Really. Whenever we're out there we're usually parked streets away from Ocean Drive. Like on Euclid.) but we usually do go out several nights while we're there. On NYE we attend festive and fun dinner party thrown by one of my BF's nieces, but other nights we might go to the Clevelander or something. I think my favorite place to hang out on Ocean is the basement of the Colony Hotel. It's so low key and the drinks are so cheap that it's unbeatable, and it's never crowed, which can be a change of pace from what's going on outside on the streets. But whatever you do, don't STAY at the Colony! LOL. You don't wanna think about doing that.
  13. Many of these places are invitation only or you must pay to get in on NYE. I mean like $500. It is worth researching now. Depending on who is hosting the parties, the hot bar/clubs will be packed.
  14. I forgot to say...Go to TOUCH restaurant on Lincoln Ave....BEST food EVER....and band..FAB food and drinks...It was the best meal I ever ate!
  15. Will post tomorrow with clubs, restaurants etc., after I talk to my kids, but for sure, if you are going to be driving back and forth hire a driver and car for that night.....and the sooner you do it the better, if there are a few of you, the cost could be shared and that way you do not have to worry about drinking and driving.gettiing lost, finding parking, etc..What part of Miami are you staying at? if you want to look into driving services pm me and I will find out from my kids what services they use.I know there are several semi-private parties my kids go to on New Years eve, will find out for you.:heart:H