New Year's Eve in Las Vegas


Aug 28, 2006
A friend is getting married in Vegas this Saturday, so a group of us decided to head out there and spend New Year's Eve in Sin City. Anyone have any suggestions as to must see/do activities, besides gambling and drinking; we've got those covered? TIA


Apr 9, 2006
I was on the Strip for NYE 2000 and it is NUTS. Everyone pours into the streets as it gets closer to midnight and it becomes one huge crowd. They had to grease up the light poles and traffic lights because so many drunk people were trying to climb up them to see anything. The major hotels start closing their doors at one point because so many people are trying to get in and if you want to be in a particular hotel at midnight, make sure you are in there at least an hour before. If you're out on the streets, stay super close with your is so easy to lose them with so many people out there (esp. drunk guys who'll grope you every 10 sec).

Having said far as other things to do, there are outlets to go shopping near by...maybe you'll want to go up the Stratosphere and try out some of their rides? There are also some good places to eat (check Yelp for suggestions)...have fun!!
Jun 15, 2006
I've done new years in a couple of places and Vegas handles it the best IMO

Early in the day there are crash baricades along the street, as the street gets busier they move the baricades outward until it takes over the whole road, it can be hard to get a drink and around midnight you'll need to show that your room key for that hotel to get inside, but it's still a good time and very calm despite all the people


Sep 29, 2006
I never go to vegas during new year's eve, but I can imagine it will be so pack with ppl. I was there on Xmas day and it was mad. DH and I was in line for Gourmet xmas buffet at Bellagio, we waited for 2.5 hours!


Nov 26, 2006
OMG, I was there for year 97/98 and it was the CRAZIEST time I have EVER had!! Make sure if you are out on the strip at midnight instead of a club or bar that you be prepared. It is wall to wall people and an endless sea. You will get groped, smashed, stepped all's crazy. If you are planning on going to a club, I highly recommend reserving a table if it's not too late, otherwise it's gonna suck major standing around all night.


Hopelessly Addicted!
Jul 17, 2007
We went last year and it was horrible - we'll never do it again! The streets were packed with people, they were selling beer everywhere and people were throwing up all over the place, and there were families with little kids sitting outside watching it all! I'd never take my kids to Vegas, and I love Vegas! Anyways, the worst part was that there were groups of guys cruising up and down the streets mauling women! They'd run by you and grab your boobs and crotch (I got grabbed a couple times), but by the time you figure it out, they're gone. I was clinging to my BF and still got mauled! It was awful!

Good luck and DON'T wear a strapless top! They'll pull those down. Our Blackjack dealer warned us about that.