New Year's Eve ideas - What are YOU doing?

  1. Ok, it's slowly getting closer to that time of the year again where everybody starts asking: Have any plans for New Year's Eve yet? Don't we all know it :p

    This year SO and I decided that we want to take a mini vacation to somewhere else in Europe.

    Any ideas for me?!

    Sure the big cities Paris, London, Rome, etc sound like fun, but what are less "touristy" destinations. I'm happy about every suggestion (even if it means a tiny shack with an open fire somewhere at a Norwegean Lake :graucho:)
  2. Hubby told me the other day that some friends of ours will be renting a space and throwing a party. So I guess thats what we'll be doing. Sorry I've never been to Europe so I have no ideas for you. I'm sure you'll have a blast though.
  3. I'll probably spend it with my SO and friends of ours at a bar (like we did last time around)..getting pretty drunk and taking a taxi to a nice hotel in downtown..more drinking and wake up to a nice breakfast or brunch in our hotel room.
  4. lol, last year I spent midnight alone with my SO in our car on top of a mountain overviewing the city to watch the fireworks while drinking hot coffee from travel mugs :shame: ... yeah, glamourous, I know ;)
  5. ^Awwwwe, that sounded so sweet! I'd pick that over getting drunk any day, lol!!!
  6. You Lucky Girl LOL :p

    Nothing yet for New Year but me and some friends might be booking a holl for christmas, hopefully in Europe if all goes to plan. :smile:
  7. Untill now I've spent every New Year's Eve or with the whole family from my father's, or with my mother, her so and my little sis making a campfire, drinking champagne and watching the fireworks.
    This year I'll be 16, so I think I'll try to do something more exciting with friends.
  8. Great thread!!

    Every year, my SO and I (along with 50 or so of our 'closest' friends! LOL) head down to the Sand Dunes in Cali to ride our quads and other fun 'toys' on New Year's Eve/Day.

    I am so is such a great time!! ;)
  9. i turn 21 about a month before new years, and i've never really had a new years so i really want to go out to a nice lounge!
  10. Me this year -
    All my closest friends, cousins, both my sisters & their husbands, neices, nephews are going out for dinner, then back to my place to celebrate the big 08!:drinks::choochoo:
    Then in January I am flying over to Paris to play violin & piano in a classical music concert:whistle:
  11. I'll probably only fnd out what i'm doing like the day before haha
    Can't believe it's going to be 2008, this year has gone so fast it's scary!
  12. Holy cow...I haven't thought must past Sunday, let alone to New Year's! (I.E. that means we pry won't do anything exciting but stay home and fall asleep watching TV!!) :yes:
  13. I hear ya!:p My DH and I usually watch the Twilight Zone marathon and a minute to 12 we turn to Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve, say our Happy New Year's and trudge upstairs to bed. Sad but:true:.
  14. Well.... NO idea! but I should be in Florida then, so maybe go down by the beach. Who knows! New Year's has never been my fav holiday :nogood:
  15. I don't like NYE, personally I feel it is a very "forced" holiday. I mean, it is like we are all supposed to go out, drink, celebrate and have a good time, and those that don't like it are oddballs. So, as I don't like NYE I usually stay at home, have a nice dinner and a relaxing evening alone.