New Year's Eve dresses

  1. What are you wearing for New Year's Eve?

    I'm going to a big party, looking for suggestions/inspiration.

  2. I want something short and sexy. Maybe with sequins.

    What type of dress do you like/are comfortable in?
  3. This is the dress I want. If anyone knows who makes it please let me know!!

    I don't mean to hijack your thread Sonya!! :flowers:
  4. I would stay away from black. When I go out on New Years (and Valentine's day for that matter) it seems like all the women are in short black dresses. I feel like I just blend into the rest of the room. Silver and gold are good. For our Christmas party this year I am wearing gold. I also like red. I tend to go shorter rather than longer for New Years. But of course these are only my opinions :smile:
  5. We rented a house in Cozumel...I will be in a very summery dress, barefoot, on the beach!
  6. ^^ not fair!! j/k That sounds perfect.
  7. takes all the angst out of agonizing over the perfect dress thats for sure!! Wavy hair, sunkissed skin and a the rest is a breeze!!! :smile:
  8. i bought a strapless colorblock dress from club monaco. It has a black sweetheart bust and the rest is hot pink. That's what I'm thinking about for NY's eve.
  9. I love metallic on new years eve. It's always a great night to get dressed to the nines!
  10. i love this dress by French Connection
  11. ^ Lucky duck! That sounds so fun!!!

    Anyway, for New Years Eve parties I like short and sparkly. Any color is fine as long as you have some sparkle! I'm wearing a short gray trapezy dress with silver heels, a silver clutch and lots of sparkly jewelry...
  12. I, too, favor short and sparkly. I generally prefer metallics, although bright colors are nice, too. And I also agree that most big NYE parties are a sea of short, black dresses, so I like to choose something a little different from the rest of the crowd.
  13. I'm wearing,
    This French Connection dress, with Christian Louboutin Glitter slingbacks:biggrin: