New Years Dress Crisis

  1. I'm searching for a dress to wear for New Years and having such problems:sad:

    I'm only going to a club in Toronto so I don't want to go to crazy on price, but I definitely want something that has a certain wow factor.

    My idea dress would be strapless, short, with a bell or tulip shaped skirt part and pockets.

    Does anyone have suggestions with regards to designers/shops/online stores.

    I'm also petite which makes shopping hard:cursing:
  2. Try Shopbop.
    I'm having trouble with a dress too. :crybaby:
  3. There is a dress on there haunting me but it is too expensive for what I need. Gorgeous though.
  4. i would suggest bcbg. unfortunately their website doesn't show a lot of the dresses they have in the store...
  5. Nordstrom always has a huge variety of dresses on their website in all different price ranges. I would try there.
  6. Hmm...depends on what your budget is. Here are some:

    Shopbop has a lot of options, but most seem to be $300+.
  7. ^^ great choices!
  8. I love the red Express dress. I'd totally buy that if I actually had plans to do something fun.
  9. ^^ I agree. It's cute!
  10. Thanks Zophie. It's soo cute on! LOL I couldn't believe for a dress under $100 how much I would LOVE it!:love:
  11. The red dress is so pretty!!
  12. i already bought my dress for NYE and I got it at Forever 21! Its sooo cute, its satin mini tube bubble dress in this very pretty golden yellow color. and only set me back $28! I'd hate to spend a lot on a dress I'd only wear few times a year, plus i wont be sad if i get all messy!