New Years Bag Resolutions

  1. Is There A Bag That You Want But Havent Bought That You Want To Make A Resoultion To Buy In 2007?
  2. My resolution is to NOT buy any bags in 2007 (OK, maybe one...:p )
  3. I Want To Buy My First Lv Any Suggestions Which One?
  4. My resolution is to try out some of the new comers to the purse industry this year. For example: Jalda, Tano, Gustto, Goyard, and Shalon. While the prices are not too much. I have ran across a couple of these on the net, and they are really nice.
  5. Oh, yeah.....the Luba JChalla that is on sale at this very moment on Luna Boston. I have had my eye on that bag for about 4 months. The problem is, is that I just got a Cynthia Rowley for Christmas, and two days later, I went out and bought a Michael by Michael Kors Asbury satchel. I must have been crazy. Talk about being obsessed!!!!
  6. Mono Speedy 30 - such a classic!

    You should post this question in the LV forum - you'll get lots of great suggestions!
  7. Definitely resolving to buy more of a broad range of LV, the LE's, the collectables and just about anything I d@mn well please! This will be my LV catch up year!

    Starting with getting my grubby little hands on a sophie!
  8. You are bad. I remember your lovely Cynthia Rowley you got for Christmas. Way to go.
  9. Thanks for the tip will do
  10. Speedy 25 is the best advice I can give...classic first bag!:yes:
  11. As I'm priced completely out of Hermes, I might be lured over to the dark side by the B Bag gals! Looking for an LV Sophie is everybody else!!!!
  12. Not to tempt you or anything, but if you use the code "grechen" you can take an additional 20% off at
  13. Actually, in the coming year I'm going to try to focus a bit less on bags and more on my overall look. The big thing I want in 2007 is a Rolex.
  14. I agree with this!
  15. My resolution is to stop buying plain black messenger bags.

    OKAY so they hold all my stuff, but they're not remarkable.