New yearly collectible item: keychain

  1. I went to Hermes yesterday (I know, I'm hopeless, need help...). I was just poking around to make sure that my podium order had gone through (it has: JPG Birkin, rouge garanche with pall. hardware, although I had asked for Vermillion).

    After nearly an hour looking at various agendas, I spied three things: Les Capucines shawl in pink, a "Ciel mon Paris" silver "piaf" keychain (which is now mine) and a "Les toits de Paris" scarf.

    The SA explained that there had been as many Piafs as the year (2006, individually numbered). This is going to be a recurring feature.

  2. Hi, I love that one:P ... I think Meena also has this keychain.
  3. Adorable! I love it!
  4. So looks great with your Picotin!!! :nuts:
  5. I love that little birdie!!!
  6. Perja, that's just too cute! Congratulations on having your SO accepted, too. I can't wait to see it!
  7. Cutest little birdie!
  8. Love it !
  9. Hi Perja, Congrats on having your SOs accepted!! :yahoo: That birdie keychain is really adorable! :love:
  10. I am a huge fan of Hermes things hanging from Hermes bags...but not other things. I know this comes off not so well, but their accesories just look so good with their bags. I LOVE the birdie you got and I love those bright colored animal and fruit leather key chain thingies they sell... I buy so many!!! A few weeks ago I bought a cute little keychain that says "Voiture, Macchina, Car" and it's a leather key ring thing for your car keys... so cute. I feel like I always forget about their cute little thingies...
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