New Year Treat

  1. This is my first post in this forum and I am just a tad bit intimidated! I have a nice year end bonus coming and would love to treat myself to a special scarf as I have a bag already on order (Mulberry). Any suggestions from you ladies would be greatly appreciated! Would love something that screams Hermes! :heart:
  2. Welcome to the orange side Kroquet! :welcome:

    Well, it's The Year of India (2008), how about something colorful from the new collection? What's your style?

    Screams Hermes....hmmmm, something horsey, in orange, perhaps?! :graucho:

    You can always check out, there are lots of scarves out there.

    Would you be interested in buying a scarf from eBay? If so, just be sure it's authentic.

    Post back and let us know what you like. :drool:
  3. Welcome to the board, kroquet. :smile:
  4. Woo! Nice one!
  5. Love that scarf! I have it in black and wear it with everything!
  6. kroquet, welcome to the Hermes forum and please don't be intimidated. You will find many wonderful and helpful people here.

    The scarf you have picked out is a beauty and would make an excellent first choice. My suggestion is to buy one with colors you really love to wear. But be forewarned, Hermes scarves are like Lay's potato chips--you can never stop with just one! :graucho:
  7. Ooo...I like that scarf a lot. I was just looking at it online the other day. Lovely choice.
  8. Fantastic choice!!!!! Well, I think so because I bought it!!! Welcome!
  9. welcome home...........
  10. ^^^LOL so true!

    Welcome home indeed, kroquet! :p

    You've chosen a gorgeous scarf that is very Hermes, to me. Pls let us know what you decide - such fun.

  11. nice choice kroquet...and welcome to the orange side :heart:
  12. Beautiful Choice & You Are Sure On The Hermes Path ~ So Glad You Are Here:yahoo:

  13. Hi Kroquet...that scarf is lovely...what color do you like???
  14. Hurray for year end bonus and your impending purchase! Are you going to get this red one?