New Year present to myself~! I am so excited~!

  1. Some of you might have read about my post on my disappointment on the 08 bubblegum work i got for Christmas... The leather was a little dry and it isn't as thick as my 07 Ocean..

    SO... I got a BRAND NEW 08 Sky Blue Work instead... ~!! :heart::yahoo:
    YAY~! I am soo excited about it, I haven't received it yet.. but hopefully by this Friday.. :nuts:

    Here is a picture of what I am going to get :yahoo:
    I know many of you are very excited about EB, but I love sky blue...
    I will post more picture when I get it...
    Hope you guys like it....
    Sb2.jpg.jpg Sb.jpg.jpg
  2. WOW, I LOVE IT!!! I have to have a first or city in this color. CONGRATS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU!!!
  3. wow, that leather looks luscious! not dry looking at all!
  4. wow, very nice! congrats!
  5. I Love It!!!

  6. very nice...can't wait to see more pics!! congrats!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. WOW!!! The Sky Blue is gorgeous!!! I thought the swatch looked nice, but now after seeing it on the bag ... so pretty! Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous!! congrats!
  10. Oh Wow, that's gorgeous! Enjoy, can't wait to see more pictures!
  11. love it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~congrats:party:
  12. Gorgeous color! Congrats!
  13. Thank you Ladies~!!
    I am very nervous and excited about this one... I really do hope the leather turn out to be thick and soft...
    I will definitely update the picture once I get it... I hope this will help me restore my faith in the 2008 bags... hehe.. =)
  14. happy new year and congrats to you!
  15. I agree, beautiful! I would love to see more pics of her and modelling pics of the both of you when she arrives!