New year, new BV - Ferro Sloane

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  1. I have a Ferro Sloane as well and I adore it.
  2. Hello, Can you please tell me if your sloane bag has an inside cell phone pocket? i bought from Ebay that had their promise of "authentication." However, on the BV site it says the bag has an inside pocket. Also, the zipper on this bag is not smooth. I just have a funny feeling about it. I can return it and think I may. Thank you for your time and feedback.
  3. It would be better for you to post the bag on the authentication thread. The Sloane has an Interior zippered pocket.
  4. YOu're right. Thank you.
  5. I will check when I get home

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  6. My Sloane only has the zippered pocket
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  7. My Ferro Sloane just has a zipped pocket on the inside, no cell phone pocket.
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  8. Thank you both SO much. I called my local boutique and ran the serial number by them. They were so helpful. I was rather embarrassed. It is authentic and the color is walnut. Thank you for your input!
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  9. I’m glad for you. :flowers:
    One thing to keep in mind (just as a general PSA for everyone) is that you cannot compare a bag from 2007/2008 (ex: a Ferro Sloane in Nappa Umbria) with a Walnut Sloane (in Light Calf from 2013) Many details change in the course of 5+ years like interior linings and/or features, pocket linings, zippers, hardware colour (if applicable) etc.
  10. THAT may explain why this bag confused me. I recently bought a Ferro Pyramid and it feels different from this Walnut Sloane. It is softer and has a more luminous quality. Also, the Ferro Pyramid is lighter. It is smaller too however it was the FEELING of the sloane that had me questioning the authenticity. I guess now I know I prefer Napa Umbria. I am new to BV bags, prefer the older styles and so am collecting them pre-loved. I looked at the thread on leathers however don't see anything on Light Calf. I must be overlooking it. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Would my newly-acquired 2007 noce Sloane be Nappa Umbria then?
  12. Yup
  13. And my 2011 tourmaline Veneta would be...? Regular nappa? Thanks V0N.