New year, new BV - Ferro Sloane

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  1. Happy New Year!

    I have long wanted to add a grey bag to my collection, and I have also for a while wondered about the Sloane. (Watching 'Stupid. Crazy. Love' certainly was enabling).

    I have done my research her on the PurseForum, and realize it is sort of a love-it-or-hate-it bag, but now I have taken the plunge and managed to get my hands on a beautiful Sloane.

    My first impression: great size, comfy shoulder strap, very elegant design. Can't wait to start wearing it

    IMG_1483269529.633515.jpg IMG_1483269546.831926.jpg
  2. Happy New Year & congrats on your beautiful ferro Sloane! I have this same bag and I love it. It's very comfy to carry and the color is easy to wear.
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  3. Gorgeous bag and color! Happy new year!!
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  4. Ferro is a gorgeous, subtle metallic. I have a Ferro karung wallet. Enjoy your sloane.
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  5. Ferry is indeed pretty and in the Sloane it's a lovely bag. Well done!
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  6. Thank you everybody!
  7. Sloane was my first BV so it occupies a special place in my heart! It's a nice and easy to carry bag, enjoy yours in the best of health! Happy New Year!!!
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  8. Congrats on your yummy Ferro.
    Happy New Year :flowers:
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  9. I fondly remember lusting after my ferro Sloan. It was my second BV.
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  10. Ferro is a terrific color, and I think the Sloane is an excellent shoulder-carry style (so comfortable), and it looks great arm-carried, too. Enjoy!
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  11. Mmmm Ferro Sloane. Count me in the "love it" category. Like LLANeedle, it was an early part of my collection. Ferro is one of BV's chameleon colors. I adore the color and also have a pair of the original square toe ballerinas in Ferro, which are pretty much worn out. Enjoy your Sloane, it is a classic!
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  12. Happy New Year
    What a great acquisition
    Ferro Sloane in Nappa Umbria
    It is a shame that BV no longer makes Nappa Umbria
    Softer than Nappa and it has a slight reflective quality to it
    I can only think that BV stopped producing Nappa Umbria due to cost
    To make Nappa Umbria they took regular Nappa and heated it then beat it with glass rollers
    This was one of my favorite leather treatments

    Truly a great find
    Use it well
  13. Thank you very much all of you - the great enthusiasm here on Purseforum about both the bag and the color is what gave me confidence to finally buy the bag! Looking very much forward to adding a pair of beautiful grey shoes and wear both when spring comes....
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  14. Has Ferro Sloane been made in light calf?
  15. I don't believe so.
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