New Year New BAG

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  1. Hi Ya'll!

    Happy New YEAR!!!! I've been snowed in with blizzard conditions and no internet!!! Back at work today...

    New Year's resolution: 1 new LV and 1 pre-owned LV....

    I'm on the "list" for a Speedy Azur 25!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Boy, am I excited! I've been soooo goood!!!!

    How has everyone else been???

    Hope everyone got tons of LV from Santa!!!!!

    :love: :love: :love:

    ps: My FIRST SPEEDY!!!!!

    Literally, can't wait, but will...
  2. Hi Veronika, Happy 2007 to you too! Didn't know there are blizzards in NM?
  3. Congrats on your new azur speedy!!!! :smile:
  4. Happy 2007 to you! That sounds like a wonderful idea, congrats!
  5. Hi Vee...I have missed you!!! Snowed in area is like Florida when in fact we should have snow....congrats on the azur:drool: :wlae: :yahoo: :heart: ...yipppeeee...I want pics...model please!!!!
  6. Can't wait to see the azur speedy Vee! I'm glad you are well!:flowers:
    Happy New Year!!!:balloon:
    Have you checked out the new vernis items? Some of us posted pics...check it out fellow vernis :heart: er!
  7. I will Michelle!!! I've heard, but not seen, am kinda afraid to, lol... so good to see you guys, been missin all of ya... yep pinki, it's 14 degrees today... there hasn't been a blizzard here like this one since 1958! It's some serious snow... just makin me crave azur!!! Can't wait to see candy apple!!!

  8. LOL Vee...good to see you! I've been swmped on vacation (where we got a foot of snow) and haven't been around much either! Congrats on the new speedy....can't wait to see it!
  9. hehe... It's a "Snow White" Red Delicious Apple red! Some PFers have the cles already. Anywhoo here's a pic if you don't find the threads with the Vernis in Pomme d'Amour
  10. happy new year to you too V. Congrats on your first will love the shape!
  11. oh Pinki!!!! You are a cruel evil queen to send that Bedford pic!!! OMG!!!!! I have chills. How fabulous is that, drool drool. good thing I'm stickin to my New Year's resolution or that Bedford would be MINE b4 the price increase :p That is some serious drop dead blood red!
  12. OH WOW. Just realized, if I got the Candy Apple Bedford, I'd have the Indigo, Perle and Pomme d'Amour, red, white and blue! me crazy, but I love this country.... (sometimes)....
  13. Oh I love the azur speedy. You are going to love it!

    Happy New Year!
  14. I'm so excited gracefeng! HEY!!! You're in NO!!! That's where I grew up, in uptown... went to Louise S. McGehee (for 13 years, kindergarten through 12th)... been gone quite a while... give my dear city a hug... was in the quarter for the millenium....
  15. Congrats! You'll love it!