New Year Goodies!

  1. So here I was thinking I should slow down for the new far not so good! Oh well....I could always focus on the "other" new year resolutions!:nuts:

    So, 2 weeks ago, I got my Berkeley -- finally after a year-long wait. Around the first week of January, I also receive my BML book, as I wanted that since March 2007. I'm glad I couldn't get it then because I happen to get it on Amazon for less than $85 taxes included!

    Last week, I received my FedEx package..Sorry it took to long to post (I use a Handycam and the pics come out with high res, so I need to always fix them or else it's too big of a file to post).

    So here are the pics for what the new year has brought me! (There's already pics of my ebene Berkeley in other threads but I added couple more......everyone loves pics, right?)
    DSC00604.jpg berkhcp1wm.jpg hcpg1wm.jpg ibf1wm.jpg pcv1wm.jpg
  2. everything's gorgeous! congrats!!!
  3. congrats! love everything!
  4. Sorry the pics are not the best in some,....been trying to figure out how to use this thing to its' fullest.

    Here's some more pics....
    bml1wm.jpg hcp3wm.jpg hcp5wm.jpg hcp6wm.jpg hcpg1wm.jpg
  5. Ahhhh, those mirroir hearts are so beautiful! I love everything you've aquired so far.:drool: Lovely! Congrats.
  6. The new inclusion colour.....I thought it was called "fawn" at one point, but now violette, I believe....
    ibf2wm.jpg ibf7wm.jpg ibf6wm.jpg ibf4wm.jpg ibf5wm.jpg
  7. Congratulations! Beautiful LV !
  8. LOVE the Berkeley! Congrats on your great haul!
  9. And the pouchette cles in Violette....I really like the size of this....
    pcv2wm.jpg pcv3wm.jpg pcv4wm.jpg pc1wm.jpg pc2wm.jpg
  10. Gorgeous can you believe all these fabulous things coming out and it's only Jan we are in so much trouble this year!
  11. Congrats!! What a great way to start 2008 ;)!
  12. Congrats and thanks for the side by side size comparison of the cles!
  13. Last of the pics! Sorry...I got snap-happy at the last moment!

    In the last 2 pics, I show what I actually could fit in the cles easily. I love it with the Azur. They contrast each others' colour.
    pcv6wm.jpg pcv7wm.jpg pcv8wm.jpg pcvstuffed2wm.jpg pcvstuffed3wm.jpg
  14. Congrats on all of your goodies!!! They are all lovely!! Does your new violette inclusion bracelet have RED crystals in it? The pic on the website shows the violette bracelet with red crystals, but it looks like your violette bracelet doesn't have any red crystals at all but the lighting is dark in your pics so I'm not sure....
  15. beautiful..just beautiful:heart: