New Year Goodies to Usher in the Year of the Ox!

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year, Everyone!

    I've added new goodies for 2009! There won't be any reveals, strip-teasing.. just pics comin' right up!:yes:
  2. My newest baby.. :heart::heart::heart:

    30cm Orange Togo Birkin with PHW!

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  3. your avatar is the cutest! Your orange birkin too, super juicy!
  4. CONGRATS!!! Orange is a truly classic Hermes colour!

    PS - Your little one is the cutest!
  5. Gorgeous birkin!!
  6. An additional something I got for Ms Orange.. the Hermes Breloque Charm! Please pardon the protective stickers still stuck to the charm..:P

    honey88, juicyagogo: thanks for your sweet comments on my little girl! Can you tell she's wearing a H scarf?? :graucho:

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  7. Oh yah!! SO CUTE!!!! Now that you mention it!!! (Pardon me, I'm not very observant with these things... I was just looking at her cute face!!!)
  8. Beautiful baby and love love love the Orange Birkin.

    Hmmm..I hope hubby gets me something for Chinese New Year or at least a little red envelope.

    Congratulations and enjoy the new baby!
  9. Nice orange Birkin. Enjoy!!
  10. Congrats on your new bag & it looks even lovelier with the charm!
  11. Congrats Londondolly

    Your new birkin is gorgeous - she looks very pretty with the Breloque charm as does your beautiful daughter with her scarf :smile:
  12. Fantastic colour for the Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!
  13. Happy Chinese New Year wishing you good luck and good fortune and good health.

    Love ove love the new birkin fantastic, great way to usher in a new year wear in the best of health and happiness
  14. I looooooove orange!!! It's gorgeous! What a great way to start off the new year! And your little girl is gorgeous -- I have been admiring that photo for a while.
  15. Gorgeous! This is the exact bag that I am hoping for too. Congrats!