New year disaster, help needed!

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm a newbie to the forum, and I do need a bit help. This past new year, I went out to a bar with my boyfriend wearing my very prive (I should have known better...). Past midnight, a very drunk girl pushed me down the stairs while coming out from the bathroom. I tried to brace myself and prevented myself from falling face down in front of hundreds of people; however, my Loubs are ruined as well :cursing:

    Here are what my loubs look like now:

    P1000404.JPG P1000405.JPG


    I'm wondering if a good cobbler will be able to fix that. If anyone can give advice or assistance, it will be geatly appreciated.
  2. Boy NYE was treacherous for our Louboutins! I hope you and your VPs are okay. They look like they would be easy for a cobbler to fix.
  3. NYE was not the night to wear Louboutins!!
  4. Louboutins aren't clubbing shoes..I can tell you that. Never wear nice shoes, super expensive clothing, or bring very expensive bags to a club. I've heard too many horror stories! A cobbler should be able to fix that with a rubber sole. :yes:
  5. A good cobbler should be able to remedy that for you. Good luck!

    A little OT, but NYE is a terrible occasion to wear things you're fond of. Someone on the H forum had her Birkin written on with a sharpie by a guest at a PRIVATE party. And when she took it in to Hermes, the SAs tell her that cigarette burns on bags are a common joke that they see too often, usually after the holidays.

  6. OMG, I'm sorry if this is going to sound obnoxious, but I think that I would just cry if that happened to my Birkin. I don't even own one and I can feel her pain.
  7. OMG that's so terrible! I would cry too if that happened to me!! I am shocked, but I shouldn't be..I know there are people in this world who would do something like this.
  8. That is terrible! I just wish we could all use/wear our stuff without damage from others. It is worse when it is inflicted intentionally. Just goes to show people are jealous when there are others who do well for themselves and have nice things. That's why this forum is so nice--we all respect and admire each other's shoes and bags without being judgemental. If something like that can happen at a private party, I will have to be more careful with my CLs and bags. I have a false sense of security in that I will only see the normal wear and tear (i.e. scuffs) on my shoes and bags, not intentional damage.
  9. I was upset for her. The person who did it wrote "F U" on her bag. What kind of juvenile does that???? I'd be in tears too, Kamilla. I mean, it's not just a bag -- it's a little piece of your hard work, a little piece of your happiness, and it's certainly about violation of your property.

    Lav, I think you hit the nail on head: this forum is wonderful because we all respect each other's choices and admire without judgment.
  10. That makes me so mad..what kind of person does that?! :search::bagslap:
  11. That's exactly it Fate! That's why all of our shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry mean a lot to us.
  12. I hate bad manners, and tasteless people. So selfish. They are no better than a thief IMO. If something like that happened to them it would be a whole different story. Makes me so angry. I love this forum. This is the first time I have ever been on one but I find it so enjoyable. I love having all these opinions and the people here are so carring. You can just tell we are all good, decent people. I find this group of women so smart, funny and thoughtfull. I could go on and on.:drinkup:
  13. Not to mention stylish, classy, sexy, etc. etc. :drinkup:
  14. LOL You ladies always brighten my day! I'll drink to that!
  15. You lucked out with this board, CJY! I've been a member of other boards (hockey, climbing, kayaking, language-related, culture-related, and a few others) and you would think that ppl with common interests that congregate on the same board would at least be civil and respectful of each other. Not the case. This is the ONE board I've found where that's the rule rather than the exception. So glad to have "found" you all!