new wristlet!!!!! yahoo!!!

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  1. hi there! so i posted a thread about selling my skinny. so what happened was i searched the store locator on where i bought my skinny and we have the store here (Lansing,MI), coz i just moved here from Madison,WI. good thing i kept the receipt and everything so i hurried to the store and returned it and bought the patent gallery wristlet in cnocolate/mahogany at macy's and it's on sale for 36.00!! oh, i almost ended up buying a michael kors wristlet at t.j. maxx for 15 but noticed that the leather supporting the dogleash is almost, well, tearing off so i returned it... it's a good deal but aww, it's not :crybaby:oh well just wanna share :yahoo:
  2. Oh congrats...more bang for the buck. That's a really good price. Can't wait to see pics.
  3. Yea!! You got a really good deal!! I wanna see pics when you can get them!!! It sounds great!!! :biggrin:
  4. i'll post pix tomorrow =) i'm charging mi digicam's batt