new wristlet - not so good....

  1. i went to the outlet today and got a hamptons leather minskin in camel...I notice the part that snaps down (the "flap") is a different shade than the rest of it! :confused1: It is mostly noticable in flourescent lighting (in my office) but I can't seem to get over it...also it seems like the lining is not perfectly centered (the C's don't line up perfectly with the seams...) I already took the tags off, can I still return it?? Thanks!
  2. I think you should be able to return it. Just bring the receipt and the tags if you still have them. You shouldn't have a problem. :yes:
  3. You just got it today, there shouldn't be a problem. Especially since there are imperfections.
  4. It could have been an IR purchase by an employee who decided they didn't want it when they saw it. I ordered an IR Ali Flap and the part of the bag where the toggle goes was a different shade than the rest of the bag. :smile:
  5. i had to return a legacy wristlet when the turnlock fell off a week after i bought it. i had the reciept but not the tags. they took it back and replaced it no questions asked. if there's a defect, you should be able to take it back.
  6. Coach usually stands behind their purses 100% - take it back, they should be nice about it