New & Would like to thank all of you

  1. I have been reading many of the post for a bit now. Learning a lot from so many of you. Up until recently the only coach I truly owned were a few vintage little bags that were special to me because they were made to slide onto belts like a small fanny pack. They came in handy for me and were very special editions to my collection of Hermes scarves, ( I slide them onto scarves, not belts).
    Recently my DH be-quested me with an ipod, and truly the nicest cases that I could think of for the pod were made by Coach, so that led to not only a case but of course just the right duffel wristlet to place the whole thing into. Well I sure you can guess, the wristlet led to a black signature stitched hobo (which I love, but found a bit small), so today that led to an outlet purchase of a nice large Pebbled Leather Hamptons Hobo. (this is not to mention the charm, and a couple of other wristlets).
    I just felt like I had to thank all of you for having this forum, I have learned a lot, and have enjoyed seeing the vast collections of you all.
    But tonight as I write this I realize that all of my my small collection is in black right down to my signature sneakers, (except for a pair of pink kitten pumps I once bought for a wedding). I really must broaden my horizons into some of the beautiful colors, but that will be a big step out of the box for me.

    Thank you again,
  2. Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of Coach! *L* It's addicting. You start of with one thing, thinking that will be enough, then before you know it you'll start buying things you love, but not using them because you don't want to take the tags off, and you don't want to mess them up. Then you'll start taking them out of the closet when nobody's around and you'll admire them, and try them on in front of the's a disease. *L* But one I love.

    Please post pictures of the things you buy, we all love to see them. :smile:
  3. Welcome to the club. You will soon be obsessed with Coach like we all are!!!
  4. First of all, welcome!!! It's addicting, isn't it?! Hang around here for awhile and you learn so much and have so much "support" (LOL!) for your purchases, that your collection will grow quickly :smile:
  5. I love how every purchase logically led to another purchase. Welcome to the club!!
  6. Thank you. I am very fortunate, (or unfortunate depending on how you look at it) I am in California, there is of course Macy's here in town, (not really much to choose from in the form of the truly different styles), but then not to far south of me there is a Coach store in Corte Madera, then there is an outlet in Petaluma which is very close, and then to make matters worse or more interesting, there is a fabulous Outlet in Vacaville which is right on the way as I go to regularly visit family. I was on my way home from visiting for the weekend and just had to stop in. The SAs there are so nice!
    I will post pictures at some point, but tomorrow it is back to work.
    I am almost afraid to admit it but I use the ones that I have so far. It seems that I like being able to see them, and I am always on the go, So recently the Signature Stitched Hobo has been an appendage. I sure get a lot of compliments on that bag.
    Thank you again for the warm welcome!
  7. i love that too!!! welcome to tPF
  8. oh no, you're in trouble :smile:
  9. Welcome to the forum =)
  10. Welcome, dragonfly! Don't feel bad about being in the "black box" of purses. It's all I carry and I have no plans on changing that anytime soon! :yes: ;)
  11. Welcome. :flowers:
  12. Hi,

    I'm the same way but with brown! Lots of khaki/saddle/brown purses. i admire those spankin' colorful bags but have yet to commit to one.

    I tried to find the signature stripe tote in punch, but they'd already sold out of them!