New Workout!

  1. Step One: Buy A Chloe Paddington
    Step Two: Fill It Up (cell Phone, Makeup Case, Sunglasses Etc)
    Step Three: Go Out On The Town, To The City. Wherever You Need To Do A Lot Of Walking.
    Step Four:keep Walking And Remember To Alternate Arms!

    You Get Toned Arms And You Do Cardio(with The Walking)
    Damn The Padlock Is Heavy! But I Still Love It.
  2. Now, this is a workout I can definitely do. I need to buy a paddington first :biggrin:
  3. :lol::lol::lol: definetly something I can do :amuse:
  4. Sounds a lot better than Pilates!
  5. AND you can stop into a cute cafe for a glass of wine whilst working out - perfect!!!!
  6. Minnie, you're brilliant, we need to market this! :smile:
  7. We could even do a video tutorial. Come on ladies lets get together. Who is in PR, who is in marketing. We will need a lawyer and a doctor ( just in case any suffers injuries due to flying padlocks)
  8. ^^^ :lol:
  9. i could probably handle that

    ie also not being able to spend more than x per day on food ie having already purchased said exercise equpiment :biggrin:
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