New Work Tote - Opinions Please (pics)

  1. Hi. I'm looking for a new "work tote" and had my eye on the Heritage Multi-Function/Baby bag in Pink (which they didn't have at the outlet). I think the coated canvas could handle everyday use. I went to the outlet yesterday and found this one for quite a bit less $$$. This will be used to carry paperwork, shoes, etc. to and from work on a daily basis and I wanted something that could handle the wear and tear. I do like the black mini Cs, as it doesn't shout, "hey look at me, I'm a Coach bag". If I waited for PCE in March, the Heritage tote would be about $70 more than this one. What do you guys think? How does the signature fabric wear (I only have one bag that is signature and I've only used it 2x)? I appreciate your opinions. Thanks!
    Black Work Tote 1.jpg Black Work Tote 2.jpg
  2. I think it's an excellent choice. It's signature so it's durable and black so little things won't show up on it. Plus it's big enough 9it seems) to fit all your stuff. It's a win-win. :tup:
  3. I think that this is good choice! It will go with more things I think and you can always dress it up in different color charms/scarves. I've also been thinking about getting the heritage multi-function tote, but I am concerned that its not going to match all of the different colors that I wear and since I would use it for work/school, its a bag I would use everyday!
  4. I think that tote is perfect!
  5. Thanks you guys! I'm a Libra, so I have to "weigh" everything!!! Well, I put my stuff in it today so it's ready for tomorow and it's great! It stands up by itself (unlike the piece of cr#@p I've been carrying) and there's still plenty of room for my shoes, lunch and travel mug. I'm excited to carry it tomorrow.
  6. I also think that's a good choice!
  7. I think it looks like a wonderful work bag, enjoy it tomorrow!
  8. Thanks for everyone's opinions. It really helps. Now I have something to look forward to on a Monday morning!
  9. aww im happy that you like the bag! i think this one is an excellent choice, since it's subtle, like you said, but still Coach. also, black is timeless, as is the shape of the gallery tote. pink is one of my favorite colors, but it's not easy to match with everything- you cant just grab the bag and go, feeling confident that you look put together- like you can with a black bag.

    that being said... i think you should totally treat yourself to *something* pink, maybe a charm to put on it, or the wristlet! that way, you'd get your fix of the pink yet still have the classic black bag! :smile:
  10. Sweet! I love it! You are going to look great! Congrats on your new bag!
  11. It seems like the black perfet tote for work, congrats!
  12. I think it's a great choice!!!! You did very well! You saved yourself some $$$$$ and you got a pretty bag that is subtle for work! Congrats!
  13. With the description you wrote and the type of tote I see.. it sounds like a perfect choice!

  14. Great work tote, congrats!
  15. I have been using this bag for work for the past 3 or 4 months. It's held up remarkably well (and I'm notorious for jamming it full of files and tossing it under my desk). There has been no fraying or fading whatsoever.

    I've also traveled extensively with this bag. I've used the changing pad that's included with the bag to wrap my laptop, and it's worked out really well.