New Work Bag

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I don't own any high end bags... I have a LV Speedy (typical), a Coach black leather bag (not sure the style it was a gift but I LOVE the softness of the leather and the lack of logos) and some Michael Kors bags. But nothing special.... I am ready to invest in my first high end bag to celebrate my new career.

    I'm looking for a new bag to celebrate my first adult (post masters) job. I like the look of structured bags, it needs to be big enough to fit folders and a legal pad. I'm looking for something that closes securely as I will be commuting on public transportation a lot.

    I want something good quality... My price point is up to $2000-$2500 BUT I would like it to be low profile as the nature of my work requires less time in the office and more time in the field. I will be commuting often and don't want something that standouts like a LV monogram or Chanel for example. Any suggestions??
  2. I know this is above my price range I just stated but I adore the Chanel Cerf tote.... I was considering it however the lack of zippers to close off the bag made me shy away from it. I would love something in that style... Especially with a shoulder strap!
  3. Congrats on your new career! :smile:
    Cerf tote is a good alternative, but you might also want to look into Mulberry that's a bit under the radar in the US and also very durable, timeless and stylish.
  4. Thank you I will take a look at Mulberry now!
  5. I love my PS1 Small KeepAll for work purposes. I have it in black, very stealth. Also holds my MacBook Air in addition to folders.
  6. yep I agree Mulberry and Proenza are two low key ones. I think Givenchy Antigona is pretty low key. I know it's popular but they look pretty low key to me.
  7. Givenchy Antigona! So classy and chic but big enough for all your essentials. I want one for work too! After my current bag breaks down more I will ask hubby for it lol!
  8. It doesn't have a top zip, butt the Fendi 2jours is a wonderful bag. I also agree with the Antigona suggestions.
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    The Givenchy looks a bit slouchy.... Its a very nice bag though! I do like the look of the Mulberry bag. I like the flap that covers the top on the Bayswater... I do like the zipper one as well but it looks so similar to the Chanel I feel like I should just save for the Chanel if I'm going to go that route....

    I also may consider the Phillip Lim Trapeze bag does anyone have any experience with that one?

    I cannot seem to find a bag that is fully closed on the top. I may have to settle for something more open! I suppose I could always layer a scarf on top to hide the contents of my bag. I probably sound super anal but I hate when people can look right into my bag.
  10. I love this bag as a work tote - Dior Addict

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  12. Cool!:cool::graucho:
  13. This is a newly launched brand that's gaining a lot of recognition. It's below your pricepoint but could be a good alternative. Check out Daame.
  14. I like the Mulberry suggestions :tup: I would also look into the Ferragamo Sofia. I think the large size is big enough for papers inside, plus it is sturdy, has a flap/zipper top, and low profile.

  15. There is a Ferragamo outlet in the mall by my house. I walk past all the time wondering if I should pop in and take a look... I will next time I'm in the mall!