New Work bag in blue color

  1. I returned the Chanel tote bag and got this instead. I liked the Chanel, but it sat in my closet with the tag still on, unused. :sad2: I think this bag is more fitting with my it will come in handy for my Rome trip in May. :love:
  2. Nice colour :smile:
  3. gorgeous! what chanel did you have before?
  4. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    weeee heeeeeeeee!!! *jumps up and down* totally love it!!!!! :love:

    *thinks maybe i should get one of these!* hehehehehe!
  5. Very nice, esiders. I really like this style in this color.
  6. The Chanel...
  7. Great color! Congrats!
  8. That Chanel tote is gorgeous! But I just love that b-bag- and the color is TDF! It will be perfect for traveling- enjoy!
  9. Great bag! Have fun on your trip!
  10. Lovely color! :love: That is a gorgeous Chanel, but the B-bag will probably be much more useful on your trip. Enjoy it! :nuts:
  11. Nice color! The b-bag is definitely more utilitarian but the Chanel looks lovely!
  12. Beautiful! Any much more casual than the Chanel, I think, so it will be very versatile.

    What is the name of that blue? Is it the cornflower? I like it.
  13. Love the color!
  14. aww cute bags!
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