New WOC - what do you think of this?

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  1. #1 Apr 3, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
    Hi everyone.

    I just purchased this red lambskin shw WOC from Chanel/Bloomingdales in NYC.

    My SA showed me this one first, and I loved it. When she took out a fresh one for me to purchase, I didn't feel the same way. The lambskin wasn't as luxurious and the color wasn't as deep a red. She showed me three more from the stockroom, and all of them didn't do it for me for one reason or another.

    So I ended up purchasing the first one from the showcase, which had probably been handled, but was still in perfect condition.

    Originally, I thought I wanted a Boy WOC because I already have a black classic caviar ghw WOC. But this red one made my heart skip a beat. It's SOOOOO soft!

    My Chanel collection (besides the WOCs) consists of:
    black m/l caviar shw Classic Flap
    beige m/l caviar ghw Classic Flap
    black maxi caviar ghw Classic Flap
    black 226 rhw Reissue
    dark red caviar shw Clutch with Chain
    black lambskin Turnlock Clutch

    (As you can see, I love classics. I also have a classic H collection!)

    Do you think I should return or exchange for a Boy WOC?

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  2. Another photo

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  3. #3 Apr 3, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
    And here are both WOCs

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  4. I say definitely keep the red. When making a Chanel purchase.. always go with your heart. The one that makes your heart go boom boom :smile: Good luck
  5. Oh, it does. I love touching it!😀
  6. The red is gorgeous! Why would you ever pass this one up for a boy woc?
  7. +1 .

  8. Now THAT makes me feel better!
  9. If the red one made your heart skip a beat, then you know it's the one.
  10. Just stunning-I would keep it!
  11. I love the boy woc too and is on the waiting list for a red caviar one. I hope the red I get is as nice as yours! This one is too stunning to pass up. The red is gorgeous! I don't think the boy woc will do it. Keep her!

  12. +2
  13. Keep! It's beautiful!!!!
  14. I can't imagine one can do better than this red - you're right the lambskin quality is absolute perfection on this one (with SHW too)!
  15. Sounds like you love it so keep!!