New WOC that looks like a classic flap


Jun 2, 2020
Hi everyone,

I saw a new style WOC on Instagram. It looks like a classic flap on the outside as it has the CC and Mona Lisa pocket like a classic flap.

This is so new I can’t even find it on the website. Has anyone seen this in person yet? Does anyone know the style/ code? Better yet, does anyone have an SA who knows when this came out?



Jan 15, 2020
I guess I don't understand the point of the phone case part. I like that the strap is detachable, but if the phone case can't use the chain either, I don't understand its point. In order to get more things in the bag you have take the phone out and carry it separate. That defeats the purpose of the bag for me.
Jan 9, 2016
I like it! I already have a woc but I like that I can detach this strap and use a shorter one since the regular woc is too long. The phone case is definitely not usable for me, but I would use it in my larger bags to put something else in. Does anyone know how much this costs? I also wonder if it fits more than the original woc?

Edit: I saw in the YouTube comments section the price in yen, and that it is not available in the US yet. Bummer!
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May 7, 2016
I do have a WOC which the front of the bag looks like a classic flap, with a back pocket plus a top handle. It has the same size of the traditional woc. I bought it mid year 2020. Very functional and beautiful.

Here below is the comparison to the M/L classic flap fyi
8817F094-9C1E-4F9C-8361-E9FEE096D95B.jpeg 46FEF308-FDE0-44D7-BF85-F69C1513CEE6.jpeg