NEW WOC Metallic Blue and more...

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  1. Here are a couple of new acquisitions. Went to buy a new spring bag, nothing really grabbed my attention so I went with something very traditional like the Timeless Flap Accordion in beige... it's a really pinky beige, not sure about it, I'm just too picky and color sensitive I guess.
    Anyway, I was going to pick up a Wallet on a chain in black metallic, I couldn't stop thinking about it since I saw it last week.... but the Metallic Blue :heart:was just too gorgeous to pass. Enjoy the pics.
    WOC01.jpg WOC02.jpg WOC03.jpg WOC04.jpg WOC05.jpg
  2. couple more... the pics couldn't pick up the pink tone of the leather, looks actually very nice in the pics...
    ACCO1.jpg ACCO2.jpg
  3. Congrats on both. Love the blue metallic. :heart: Both look perfect on ya!!:tup: Very nice!! Enjoy them.
  4. Beautiful wallet and purse. Congratulations.
  5. Nice! Is the leather on the beige accordion more consistent than on the white? Also, can I ask how tall you are?
  6. loove your purchases .. congrats!
  7. I LOVE that beige... its is the most amazing shade! The wallet on chain in navy looks hot! Great choices!
  8. I'm 5'7".
    Yes, the leather is matching in texture, there's a very light color variation throughout the bag but it's much better than the white!!! Looks to me that they have a consistency problem with different batches of leather.
    On the other hand the 2.55 wallet is PERFECT. I just love it.:yahoo:
  9. I've always like the met navy WOC, but not the accordian flap, but the way you wear it makes me think defferently..
  10. I love both! The WOC looks so cute, can I ask how long the drop on the strap is when worn single?

    And the accordian flap is just so pretty, I love the whole look of it, and it looks nice on you too.
  11. I love the accordian bag. The color seems more like peach than beige. Is it really like that irl?
  12. Both are great bags and you wear them well. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats on both purchases! They look lovely on you!
  14. Love them both! Many Congrats on your choices!
  15. Love them! I love the first bag..very classy and timeless. Great purchases..Congrats!